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Stress From Homework Can Make Kids Ill

By Nigel Boys

Although studying while in school is necessary for children to be successful in later life, pushing them too hard or studying too much can be detrimental to their health. This information comes from a new study by the Stanford Graduate School of Education.

The study compiled of over 4,300 students from the most successful private and public schools in California, found that if students study more than three hours per night, they may be at greater risk to develop serious health problems to achieve their goals.

According to Denise Pope, co-author of the study, students who study too hard, tend to suffer more from ailments such as exhaustion, digestive problems – including loss of weight and ulcers, headaches and migraines, and problems with sleeping patterns.

Although the desire to study hard is considered to be positive, the study showed those who attend expensive private schools or schools which have a reputation for achieving results, tend to study harder than the average student. This may be due to the constant pressure to be more competitive with other students, both from the administration of the school and their parents.

The study also showed that students who feel pressured to succeed can put in about 5 hours of homework per night, a figure two hours above the average for students of these types of schools.

One of the reasons that students tend to ignore everything else, including time with their families, to study more, is because they see what is going on around them in the world and are afraid that they will end up living in poverty, according to Pope.

Pope went on to say that there is nothing wrong with a parent’s desire for their child do well in school, but they must also make sure that they obtain the amount of rest they need by limiting the amount of time spent on homework to around two hours per night for high school level.

According to Suniya S. Luthar, professor of psychology at Arizona State University, just because some children come from affluent backgrounds, don’t think that they are not at risk from the same types of drug and alcohol abuse as students from underprivileged homes. She added that pressure to succeed can make these students look for other ways out of the stress they are under.

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3 thoughts on “Stress From Homework Can Make Kids Ill

  1. Perplexed

    I guess that’s why our African American children are healthier than Asian children. Yeah right! Our kids don’t need any excuse to study less.

  2. Cindie

    Wow! It’s a wonder I survived childhood! In high school I studied both vocational and college preparatory courses and played field hockey, and was instrumental in setting up the first ever Afro-American Club for the few minority students in my high school. My grades were good to excellent, and I also had time to socialize with friends. And I was sick once — with pneumonia.

    And that was back in olden days (the late 1960’s and early 1970’s) when curriculum wasn’t “dummied down”, and there weren’t all these “supports” in place for students like there are now — particularly for minority students in a majority white school.

    Guess they don’t make kids like they used to.

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