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Ohio Man Loses Out on Job When Company Discovers He Was Home-schooled

By: Krystle Crossman

NiSource, an energy company located in Ohio, took back their job offer to a young man after finding out that he had been home-schooled. Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) attorney Michael Donnelly said that the young man in question had been home-schooled and had a home-school high school diploma. He had also taken some college courses. With three years of relevant experience he sounded like a great candidate for the position. The company thought so as well as they offered him a position with the company.

The company called the young man to rescind their offer after they had found out that he did not possess an official high school diploma which the company required. Donnelly stated that he has more than enough experience to be qualified for the job but they are overlooking that due to the fact that a piece of paper that he has showed that he was taught at home as opposed to being taught at a high school. While this is not something that illegal for a company to do as they do require a high school diploma it still does not seem like the right thing or an ethical thing.

Donnelly says that the people who worked in the lower level of the company had hired him based on his credentials and experience. A background check was performed on him and that is how it was found that he did not have an official diploma. In Ohio those who are home-schooled do not receive a high school diploma that is recognized by the Ohio Board of Education when they are done with their studies. A student can take the GED test but a GED is for people who did not complete high school and so the young man did not want to take the test as he had already taken all of the required courses.

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2 thoughts on “Ohio Man Loses Out on Job When Company Discovers He Was Home-schooled

  1. aleximaq

    **Huge Sigh** This so dumb…never mind he was accepted into college and had 3 years of experience….lets go way back in time and not hire him because he was home schooled……this country is going to shyt itself when all helle breaks out…..


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