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Do you Know What Reduces Drug Use In Schools?

By: Krystle Crossman

Drug use in students has become a huge problem in the country. Kids are taking up smoking cigarettes and marijuana very early in their teen years. Many are abusing prescription pain killers or ADD medications as well. According to a new study from the University of Pennsylvania there is one thing that can help to lower the amount of drug use in the student body. The study showed that a more positive environment in the school helps to lower the number of students that turn to drug use.

There are many schools that drug test their students but even those schools do not see much of a difference in the number of students that used drugs or smoked cigarettes. The one thing that did affect the numbers was a school that had a positive climate. This was decided on five different factors: Respect between the students, student respect for teachers, teacher respect for the students, how clear the school rules are and how well students feel teachers handle problems. These five factors combined together determined how good or bad the climate of the school was.

One of the main things that the study focused on was how the teachers treated the students. They looked at whether the teachers were respectful of the students and their abilities or whether they treated them like puppets. This had a huge effect on how the students felt about their experience at the school.

The climate of the school seemed to affect the female students more than the male students. They found that the females were more rebellious than the males when the school did not have a good climate. The climate did not affect the use of alcohol though. Students still drank no matter how good the school climate is.

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