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Experts Share Learning Disability Signs Parents Can Look Out For

By: Krystle Crossman

Do you notice that your child is struggling with their schoolwork but you aren’t sure why? They may have a learning disability. Here are some of the signs from experts to watch out for so that you can give them the best education possible.

Candace Cortiella from the Advocacy Institute states that there are several things that you should look out for while your child is trying to do their work. Every child has a different development path but if you notice these signs and interject early your child will have a much easier time learning.

– Difficulty understanding directions and time (right-left, down-up, tomorrow-yesterday)
– Difficulty with fine motor skills (Buttoning a shirt, using scissors, catching a ball)
– Late speech, difficulty rhyming, difficulty with pronunciation
– Clumsiness when performing physical activities such as running
– Extreme restlessness, impulsive, trouble concentrating
– Trouble learning numbers, shapes, colors, and letters
– Has problems following routines or directions

Cheryl Weinstein, Ph.D states that you should check into the risk factors for your child having a learning disability before trying to diagnose them with one. Did they come out prematurely? Was it a difficult birth with complications? Did they have any birth defects or any illnesses or traumas when they were very young?

If you watch your child and notice that they are struggling than it is possible that they may have a learning disability. This does not mean that they are not smart in any way. It also does not mean that they have to go through life letting this disability control them. There are different therapies that can be worked on with the child and there are also different ways of teaching them that is tailored to their specific needs.

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3 thoughts on “Experts Share Learning Disability Signs Parents Can Look Out For

  1. Bert C

    I ‘m a registered follower of the The National Child Traumatic Stress Network(NCTSN), and I regularly take courses and watch their webinars. I encourage anyone, especially educators and Mental Health Professional to visit this site to learn about childhood development. Also, to see what some of of the services some of our needed children are receiving. Of great interest to me was the series on Polyvictimization.

  2. bridget

    Don’t believe your child has a learning disability. It may be a chronological order going on. They think all black kids has a disability. Check out Dr. Kumar Johnson’s videos before you start feeding into the system.


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