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High School Diplomas Are Almost Useless but College Is Ridiculously Expensive

By: Krystle Crossman

College is expensive. The tuition rates climb higher and higher every year and the financial aid becomes harder to get. Unfortunately the sobering reality is that those who can’t afford to go to college will be stuck making much less over the course of their lifetime than if they had gone to college. High school diplomas are growing to be more and more insignificant every day.

The Economic Policy Institute complied data that spans from 1973 to 2013. They show that there is a marked increase in some numbers and a decrease for high school grads. The data reports that college grads on average make 1.8 times more than high school graduates do. The average hourly wage of a college grad is $29.46 (which is up from $24.19 in 1979) and the average hourly wage of a high school grad is $16.20 (which is down from $17.26 in 1979).

High school grads are having a harder time than ever trying to find entry level positions right out of high school. College grads have the advantage of a degree and internships when they are finished with their programs. Most high school students do not have any experience. Big corporations are sending their entry level work overseas and using automated resources which doesn’t leave many jobs open for those who do not have a degree.

If you look at your lifetime earnings between being a college grad and a high school grad, you will come out $500,000 on top if you graduate from college. These of course are averages and not all college grads will earn these wages but it is a good estimate. Some suggest that the government should step in to help kids who cannot afford to go to school so that they can also have a chance of earning more money.

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3 thoughts on “High School Diplomas Are Almost Useless but College Is Ridiculously Expensive

  1. Marvin

    Not going to happen. This country has gone from an industrialised country to a service country. Don’t need a degree to flip burgers. We have 2 children in college now and we struggle mightily just to get by. Yard sales, picking up aluminum cans and we even started a baking business out of our home to sell our products to the local farmers markets.
    We made a promise to our 2 boys to get them through college and that’s what we are going to do. Period.
    Neither myself or my wife went to college and it shows on our weekly and monthly pay stubs.
    We have preached college to our kids since they were 5 years old, so when they graduated from high school, they expected to go to college.
    We also let them sit down with us when it came time to pay bills so they could see why we had to budget and couldn’t afford a lot of the things they wanted.
    They knew money didn’t grow on trees from and early age and they could make 10 times what we did with a degree.

  2. Leon Stewart

    High Schools have made themselves irrevdelant by establishing a one-route Career Path, as though every Student was going to College. After graduating, many of those who didn’t go to College woundered about thr Streets with no job, and nothing to do.

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