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House Committee Votes to Allow Schools to Opt Out Mrs. Obama’s School Lunch program

WASHINGTON — The House Appropriations Committee on Thursday passed an agriculture budget bill that included nearly $21 billion for child nutrition that would allow schools to opt out of White House nutritional guidelines passed in 2012.

The vote was 31 to 18.

The Obama administration, hoping to combat rising childhood obesity, announced new rules in 2012 that added more fruits and green vegetables to school breakfasts and lunches and reduced the amount of salt and fat children consumed at schools.

About 32 million children participate in school meal programs each day.

Representative Robert Aderholt, Republican of Alabama and chairman of the House appropriations agriculture subcommittee, said on Thursday that the provision would give schools 12 months to help them comply with the rules.

“Everyone supports healthy meals for children,” Mr. Aderholt said. “But the bottom line is that schools are finding it’s too much, too quick.”

But Representative Sam Farr, ranking Democrat on the subcommittee, called the waiver a poison pill that would undermine congressional efforts to provide children with nutritious foods.

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7 thoughts on “House Committee Votes to Allow Schools to Opt Out Mrs. Obama’s School Lunch program

  1. Mike C. Okereke

    What senselessness! I waited to know who authored , or is responsible for such a bill. Well, I was not surprised to see that a man, a Congress man from Alabama would do such a thing. To these light minded people, politics in America continues to be, for them, a question of Black and White.
    The First Lady should hold her head up knowing fully well that she has contributed measurably to the reduction of obesity in America’s school children.

  2. Miss Breedlove

    All 31 of those HR representative who voted ‘No’ for providing healthier meals to our children should be voted out next term. No if and or buts about it. They are looking out for the school vendors and not our children.

    I thank God Almighty himself that my children have never and will never eat government provided food as these people who where voted into office to look out for our interests, THE PEOPLES INTEREST, are only looking out for themselves and thier business partners.

    SHAME ON YOU and I hope you can live with yourselves for your part in killing off our youth through the crap you serve them. Shame on any parent who reads this and relies on government food programs and vote for these selfish individuals.

  3. 3d2002

    This is certainly a trying time! Some kids only get a healthy meal at school and some school want to “opt” out of giving these students a good meal. Fix it, Jesus!

  4. Arneader

    When I was a public school student the first time I saw broccoli and cheese and a chef salad with French dressing was in the cafeteria at school.

  5. ericaf

    Shouldn’t they be voting to extend unemployment insurance for the millions of people who are still unemployed? If you have no income to feed your kids, shouldn’t they be able to get a healthy meal at school? These politicians are something else. All for self, never for the people who got them into office.

  6. Billie

    This is another way to sabotage our President, by going through his wife ,and it kept her out of the political arena. Have you ever heard of a Congress, other than when Hilliary Clinton
    tried to bring the health care bill to the world. The First Lady should keep fighting for this program. The racist TeaPublican, is happy to see African American kid, fat and unhappy. We as American, should give her the (First Lady), as much support as possible. We always have the President back, so this is the time to have her back.


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