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Beyond Beatings; Discipline Your Kids Creatively

By: Krystle Crossman

Discipline can be a tricky business. You do not want to be too strict but you also need to be firm enough so that they understand that they are being punished. Here are some creative ways to punish your child without using harsh punishments or spankings.

1. When you continue to find your child doing bad things in their room, take the door off of the hinges. They will learn quickly that they are not supposed to be doing something that they have to do behind closed doors.

2. Decorate a jar. Inside the jar put little slips of paper that have different household chores on them. When your child acts up or complains of being bored, have them pick a chore.

3. Use “time-in” instead of “time-out”. Make them do an activity that requires concentration like a puzzle or beadwork. This will help them to calm down and will take their minds off of misbehaving.

4. Base their bedtime on how they have behaved that day. If they behave well, let them stay up a little later. If they misbehave make them go to bed five minutes earlier for each infraction.

5. Decorate a can and fill it with small papers that have consequences on them. These can be anything from no TV for the afternoon to half an hour of cleaning their room. When they misbehave they will have to pick a consequence and complete it.

6. Any time that you catch your child forgetting to wear his seatbelt (more for teens than younger children), add one extra day per infraction that they have to wait to get their license after they turn 16.

7. When your kids fight in the car tell them “Noses to knees”. They must put their heads down and touch their knees with their nose and stay that way until you think they are ready to sit back up.

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