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Why are black boys filling up the special education classes? Dr. Juwanza Kunjufu

In this interview, Dr. Boyce Watkins speaks with Dr. Juwanza Kunjufu, a foremost authority on the education of black boys in America.  Dr. Watkins and Dr. Kunjufu express some of the concerns about how black boys are being educated at school, and whether or not teachers always have their best interests at heart.

Like Dr. Watkins, Dr. Kunjufu has a PhD in Business, but has turned his energy toward the black community and done an amazing job.

The professors speak about Dr. Kunjufu’s books on black youth and empowerment, as well as some of the issues that often frustrate and confuse concerned parents.  Dr. Kunjufu says that school districts often bring him in when they have an isolated issue, but aren’t always willing to do the long-term work necessary to help black chldren get properly educated.  For example, Dr. Kunjufu says that 41% of the special education children are black, yet black children make up less than 17% of all children in school.

Dr. Kunjufu has not only spoken and written extensively on the problems for black children in the school system, he also appeared in the very popular film “Hoodwinked,” where black male scholars explore the state of the black male in America.  Not all news on black boys and men is negative, as the media would have you believe.  But there are some tremendous challenges.  Scholars like Dr. Kunjufu are reaching out to the black community and beyond to help resolve some of these issues, and you can learn more about them in the video below.

Tell us what you think?

Why do you think black boys are so likely to fill th roles of special education classes?

What are the best solutions?


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53 thoughts on “Why are black boys filling up the special education classes? Dr. Juwanza Kunjufu

  1. Ann

    I am having similar problems in the Milton Massachusetts school system with my sons. There is no real black leadership that I know about in Massachusetts. Where do you go for help as a black single parent?

    • Mark

      If you would like some help with your son’s in the Boston, Massachusetts area there is Concerned Black Men. They meet on Northeastern ‘ s campus once a month. It an excellent group

    • skymathew

      a school district tried
      that on my son until i realized that my son just needed more of my time teaching
      him and i needed to get on my kness and request from the lord the academic
      needs of my child,and this worked and his grades exploded into very good
      grades. jesus said that the meaning of the word heavenly father is teacher
      so who could teach your kids better than the father above. take note that sometimes
      god dont allow acess to some type of human help because he require that you
      seek it from him when its not available within your grasp.

  2. Darlene

    Some children do not learn at the same pace as other children. The teachers are trained to work with children that can keep with the pace of their teaching. The children who fall behind are sent to special education for two reasons 1) children are slow completing class work assignments and 2) the family receive a check for putting their child in special education. The child is labeled with a learning disability.

    • NY Girl In NC

      Some do have learning disabilities, especially if mommy didn’t eat right, or was drinking brew-skies, doing drugs and turning it up while she was pregnant. I blames these beasts, who never loved the child or themselves from conception.

      • Yahdiah

        When are you blacks are going to wake the hell up. This has nothing to do with nutrition, even though nutrition such as not eating pork, is very important. This is another way white supremacy is showing its evil head. This is a way to separate black boys from white girls. This Jim Crow all the way. Black people need to stop believing white supremacy and racism is a thing of the past. It is alive a well. It never left, it just changed forms..It’s not out in the open anymore, it is subtle a crafty now…

        • Tom B

          That would be fine but IMO again, where are the black leaders in these communities. Chicago is loaded with them and what do they do? NOTHING.

          I should also note that the article is about black “boys” so the question is why aren’t black “girls” being placed in these classes? Why? because boys/men are disposable, There are several studies that show males in general, are way behind. Higher education is showing a clear decline in male students.

          For the past 40 years the feminist movement has done a fine job elevating women at the same time ignoring men/boys.

        • Floyd

          You are very correct Yahdiah, we need to learn that there are forces around us that want to keep us in a state of ignorance so we cannot do for self. Its all about cheap labor, and if you keep a people ignorant, you can control them.
          Its time for us to realize who the enemy is and start to battle him on this US of A turf.

          When George Wallace during the Sixties state that “Segregation now and Segregation Forever”. He was really stating that “Racism now and Racism Forever”. As long as there will be people who are ambitious but lack certain characteristics to accomplish his/her goal, he/she will force the ones with the required characteristics to do the work for him. This is the reason that racism will be here forever as long as those people are in control.
          I had my 1 through 12th grade education in a Segregated school and this education help me obtain a Chemical Engineering Degree in 1970 from a 90% white school in Louisiana. I would have never made it during that time if I would of had the education that is being offered in our public schools today;

      • Luchiea Grissom

        We need to start reading to our children when they are infants. Sometimes child didn’t have the proper diet while growing up for example oodles of noodles, kool-aid and carry-out food and tea.

        What you consume affects how you think. My children had a reading delay and so did their father.

        I think if we turn off the video games and tv’s read to them out loud and have more conversations with our children we will have a different outcome.

        • Tom B

          I agree. We have to also look at the parents and their responsibility in some of this. My wife is Mexican and grew up on the west side of Chicago. A child of migrant worker mom who later worked in a factory, raised by a stay at home aunt who didn’t speak English. My wife and her brother didn’t learn English until first grade. BOTH graduated with honors. Both were double promoted in grade school. The difference? Mom didn’t put up with sh*t from them and focused on their education. Of course this was back in the 60’s/70’s …

        • Floyd

          I disagree with your analogy because its not all about proper diet. I agree that children should start learning in the Mother’s wound and carries on for life. When mothers do un-Godly acts while pregnant, using drugs, vulgar
          languages and watching TV too often, could effect the unborn child.

          I did not start reading until I was six years old but I caught up with the class and learned. I know it was a different time, but we have better tools today
          than in the 1950’s and 1960’s so our teachers should be able to do a better job of teaching. But the system do not want this to happen,…….one reason school integration happened.

    • Deon

      The schools also receive more money for Special Ed students. There is a profit motive. A student shouldn’t be sent to Special Ed because they fall behind. Families don’t get a check because their child is in Special Ed. They would need to be on SSI or disability. The irony is that a lot of students fall behind because they’re bored. They may be smarter than other students and aren’t challenged by the work. They then get in trouble and are stered to Special Ed.

  3. Carolyn

    This has been going on since the inception of the program, some 40 years ago.
    Follow the money, the misappropriation of funds, biased disciplinary policies, and tracking within the educational system. Black students are set-up to FAIL!
    It about politics, profits, and prejudice.

    • Tom B

      Yup,follow the money and much of that money go into the pockets of community leaders. Why aren’t people asking THEM what they’re doing?

  4. Iruwa

    Young Black children are designated to fill the roles of special education classes due their behavior. That is what is TAKING PLACE in the New York City schools. Parents need to take heed, and pay attention to what is going in their respective school systems.

  5. Joyce

    You are an intelligent scholar, why ask a rhetorical question. These events occur due to the following facts (does not apply to all):

    1. Parents never question schools assessment of their child/children
    2. Schools make additional money
    3. Quality of their education is and will never be and issue
    4. Designed to break the minds and spirit
    5. Possible pre-requirement for prision

  6. Michelle

    A lot of black boys don’t belong in Special Education. A teacher tried to put my brother in Special Ed. But thanks to an astute educator who tested my brother, they found my brother to be very smart. This was in the third grade. He went on to a top high school and has done very well. Always question and refuse to go along with their decisions if you know your child is bright or even average.

    • Stephanie Smith

      Yes!!!!!!!! Believe or not most of the parents tell their child to fail the test or whatever the child has to take to qualify for them to be considered Special Ed!

  7. Onan

    You don’t say what the specific basis was for the teacher’s recommending special education services for the student. Would you care to say? Was he not doing well on assessments in his core subjects? (I assume that there were no behavioral issues.)

  8. nana63

    the black educators in the United States of America, should have listened to Dr. K. 35 yrs ago, when he started his mission to save black boys. he has been and is the sole observer of what was, is and could be. his well documented books give the facts that are needed to provide a decent and rewarding education. too many, so called black educators, identify with the oppressors and perceive their own people as the enemy. if pre-school was suppose to prepare the impoverished and minorities for learning, why has it been a failure for black boys. socio-economic issues continue to have an impact on education delivery and learning. Dr. K. has truly been the ‘canary in the mine shaft’, but not enough care. to listen. so, now we die.

    special education is the new welfare. everybody gets that government money, the schools get extra and the parents get a check. teachers don’t teach and the parents don’t work. the dehumanizing of the black boy starts before his first day of pre-school and continues forward until he conforms, or rebels. most don’t realize and some refuse to accept, is that the more intelligence, the more rebellion. black educators must accept their responsibility to teach and help stop the ‘school to prison pipeline’. black businesses must accept their responsibility to the black community. the government must accept its responsibility for creating and maintaining socio-economic chaos. black parents and community institutions must accept their responsibility in raising and nurturing all children.
    the ‘village’ is fragmented and the children are falling through the cracks. ijs

  9. A. G.

    Any time you have a child in the public school system the parents had better stay on top of it, due to the White teacher being unable to teach anyone but their own or maybe they don’t care about teaching any one but their own, we as parents must stay on top of the game and make sure our kids move ahead. You cannot teach a child you don’t understand and it appears White teachers can only understand their own. It is easier to toss them into special ed. rather than do their job and teach. I know that my grandson says his teacher told the class she was only going to tell them something once and that was it, I told him it is her job to tell/show them 3 times if that is what it takes for them to understand what she is saying. There are too many teachers in the system these days that really are clueless when it comes to truly teaching! A lot of them are not too bright themselves, therefore unable to give examples as to what they mean when teaching our kids. Another problem is behavior among our kids, instead of having a talk with the parents thru-out the year, at the end of the year they hold them back or place them in special ed. which is taking the easy way out for them, the teachers!

  10. Joycelyn Thomas

    I wondered the same thing when I was a Paraprofessional in a High School. I came to the conclusion that the more students the more money for the school and the parent/parents. The sad thing about it is these young students begin to think their dumb and some thing is wrong when it isn’t. The other reason is that these very young parents don’t care, they don’t visit the school, don’t talk to their children and it’s ok that their sometimes very bright son is in Special Ed. The teachers go in the Teachers Lounge and laugh about our boys. They can’t even see the hidden treasures in our boys and try to motivate them to do better, or promote them to a higher level. If the parent is not involved they will use our boys to play basketball and football to win those games after that it’s downhill. I raised hell about one student who was a genius but they tried to hold him back. Well this student received a scholarship and is in college. PARENTS WAKE UP!

  11. Yocheved

    Here’s my theory. It’s the fallout from slavery and white supremacy. Children raised in high crime, low income areas have been shown to have severe PTSD, usually from enduring domestic violence, or witnessing violence in their neighborhoods. The trauma can lead to behavior issues.

    Compound that with the number of children born to drug and/or alcohol addicted parents, single parent households, food desserts, malnutrition, hunger, and lack of access to medical care and early childhood intervention, and you have the perfect storm for a disaster.

    Is it any wonder these children are struggling? Many were doomed as soon as the sperm hit the egg. If this tide is to turn, we need to start with teaching our children about safe sex, prenatal care, and responsible parenting. We need to invest in low income areas to create community support for the whole family, not just the kids. There needs to be support for the parents and grandparents, too.

    The only way this will happen, is when these communities have a WILL to make the change. White folks are not going to go into these areas and save you. Look to faith based organizations, apply for grants, organize fundraisers, and do something to make the world a better place for your children. Nobody is going to do it for you.

    • NY Girl In NC

      Yes I agree 100% read my post – I hadn’t seen this – I was wondering when someone was going to blame the poverty stricken drug addicted no husband having momma. Yes I blame the black women – have some respect for yourself stop having babies out of wedlock to men that don’t love you — no fair to the little one born to your ignorant tail………….and yes I am a black woman so i can talk about my sisters all day everyday – with tough love compassion and truth.. I said it….


    I, agree first hand that our black males are placed in Special Education as a controlling method as jail. Since teachers don’t want to teach our boys who are 5, 6 & 7 years old who’re a little active. I can totally agree that being a Special Education, and administrator. with my dual educational background I can read an IEP do a teacher observation. My grandson was signed in by his mother at 6 years old because of behavior. My son she didn’t want him to have anything to do with him Grandson was classified in 2003 when he arrived to be carried by me 7/83
    ADD/ADHD, ED& NI.. But because I knew what he needed it was a long journey
    He went to high school 9th grade with resource room and in a regular classroom. In 9th grade he was asked to join the National Achiever Society, 4/14 he was invited to join the National Society of High School Scholars.
    Since I knew what to do the sever classification of Emotional Disturbed is removed, The medical parts still exist, but He’s identified as Learning Disabled, but got in January 2014. Goal is to attend college and keep his job.. It can be done. It’s not a Death Sentence for our children, but because I’m the grandmother who knew what to do . I was able to Save my grandson.

  13. Ida Byrd-Hill

    Racism i still alive and well in America. However we have a hard time understanding it walks into the school house every day. When the NEA states 82% of public school teachers are Caucasian, especially in elementary school it is not hard to see the problem. Lynching was once a physical rope and noose, leading to a physical death. Today, the lynching is economic beginning with the intentional failure to teach students to read so as to prepare them for the prison industry or 21st century slavery where our boys work for 17 cents an hour to manufacture companies’ goods.

    I know this as my nonprofit Uplift, Inc. piloted an alternative high school where the collective reading level was grade 4.2. The students had never seen phonics nor etymology. How do you teach students to read without phonics nor etymology? You do not. This is an economic battle we are fighting and not purely education. Fund our nonprofit to fight this economic battle

  14. tony a. douglas

    I feel that a lot of children are failing and are placed in special education classes; are due to the like of proper parenting! I feel if though these issue start at home and are played on throughout the school system. Parents need to better govern their own children! Starting with their diet. Proper balanced meals accounts for awareness, and overall health! Make sure your child get proper rest and is not up watching tv, play station, internet or on the phone. Make sure their home work is done by checking it! Too many parents are leaving all levels of teaching up to the teaching staff at school. Parents are wait until their children are failing before they take actions. Plus some schools are pushing children a side using their so-call zero tolerance policies! Which I had a few problems with my son. But I’m one of those “givem hell” type of parents! I open their eyes to an overlooked reality of the zero tolerance policy…….”It’s An Elementary School”! Children have a tendency of acting like children. Stop treating them if though they are high school or college students! Teach them and allow them to learn!!! In closing: don’t think that there isn’t a design for blacks to fail, especially the male child! You rise above that by giving your children every tool that he/she needs; starting at home!!! Oh yeah, break those damned cycles in your families!!!!

  15. Teri S Tyler

    Black educators overemphasize gender in dealing with racial disparities. If such educators want concern and trust from blacks as a people in bringing about change, then they need to address their own gender biases. To highlight the plight of black boys alone, implies that black girls are doing just fine or that their educational issues are not as important. This plays into the divide and conquer tactic of whites who do not want Blacks as a people to be united in their efforts to change anything. it is time to deal with improving the education of Black children, not just that of Black boys or Black girls.

  16. Devon

    Most blk homes are single parent homes fulla kids becuz mama couldnt pick a decent man just got some random dyck, they dont go to pta or open school night they just blame teachers for everything.

    • NY Girl In NC

      Again don’t like the way you said it Devon, but I agree. I go to the PTA meetings (my son is IB magnet) and wonder where my black people are to stand with me on the issues that arise. These women although some are professionals, and/or well to do – they care even less.

  17. Devon

    They get attitude when teachers call about their dumb ass kids they dont wanna hear sheit about their kids. These females got money for $200 handbags weaves and sneakers for their sons but let a teacher tell them their kid needs tutoring they cryin broke and busted but their hair and handbag and shoes is fly. Then when they find out their stupid kid gettin left back again they mad at the school, beitch you knew your kid was [email protected] up but you was too busy pickin up random nuccas at the club to care, yall need to stop blamin the white man and teachers and schools becuz you [email protected] up and didnt do your job. And yall know dayum well some of these lil niccas be skipping school but when the truant officer pick em up here yall come talkin about my baby yeah your baby almost 18 with a beard and sideburns and still a freshman in high school and your daughter 16 done had her 2nd baby by the dumb mawfukka an she a freshman in highschool to. Blkwm dont take no responsibility for their [email protected] up and ths kid suffer becuz she triflin, rhe sheit wouldnt be goin on if the bad azz kids if their daddys was in the home but he aint home becuz mama couldnt pick a good dude so mama settled for getting dycked up by random dycks.

    • NY Girl In NC

      Although I don’t like how you said it – I agree – these mothers are also children born to poverty stricken drug addicted parents its a freakin disease amongst black people. stop having babies for God sakes, if you are poor and don’t want to do anything about it – don’t bring a child here to live with your poverty stricken broke uneducated tail…. get a hysterectomy if you want to be an addict or live in squalor

  18. NY Girl In NC

    Lets address the number of children born to crack addicted mothers between the 1980’s and now. Why can’t we admit that many of these children are born with learning disabilities, and if they do have all of their mental faculties they suffer from malnutrition and neglect. Why are their gangs because of single parenthood, absentee PARENTS, yeah “sometimes momma is gone too. Yeah mommy is at the crack den and I have to beg borrow and/or steal to take care of my siblings” “I hate myself” “I hate being black” these are just a few of the phrases that I have heard these children that are placed in foster care (only to be abused again) say about themselves.

    It’s our fault as a black nation, now what are we going to do about it?

  19. Redbone

    I’m going to keep this as short as possible. My oldest son was born with disabilities, it has nothing to do with good or bad parenting. The public school institution is set-up to destroy all black male child’s since the beginning of time. My son is ADD/ADHD and he is dexlyia too. The white system harrassed me until I took my son out of the public school system, eventually he ended up behind bars. He just came home for the first last week in 8 yrs. He can now read, has masonary skills, welding skills and graduated with his GED. Black men behind bars helped him achieve this without being (intimated). The white teachers in the public school system are set in place to spot minority child single them out and break down their spirits. Stop reading bad behavoir into this bullshyt, the system is bad behavior before the kids get to school because the teachers have been condition to destroy our children through the white children…. its called railroading / setups, name calling labeling our babies causing low self esteem intimadation then starts the negative behavior patterns in our babies because they don’t feel protected at school…. open up your eyes make some changes and take those babies out of the white public school system asap… or you will pay later… the child suffers…

    • sharon scott

      @Redbone:.You are so absolutely RIGHT ON POINT!!!
      I Have 3 adult sons the youngest (26) when he was in elementary school in Georgia, My child was intimidated by the school principle until I realized what was going on.My child resorted to looking up”witchcraft” and how to cast” spells” because”I”too refused to believe any adult(especially one in such capacity, would/could have it in for a child….Too much too really get into on this board, but,I promise, If I had small children, they world be home schooled WITHOUT A DOUBT!!!! And trying to reach these Younger mothers it’s a NIGHTMARE..##..58y/o grandma#

  20. Tom B

    My problem with it being strictly a “race” issue is that there are in fact black male students who have done extremely well. Same schools, same teachers …. perhaps some of this should fall upon the shoulders of the parent(s)?

    I’ve got a good friend that works for an alternative school. I don’t need to tell you what the turn out is for parent teacher conferences. And the wide majority of these families are on fixed incomes so the “I have to work” is no excuse.

    I’m an additions counselor who works with inner city boys. Same issues, the lack of parental involvement is clearly a problem. In fact many families see their being in residential treatment as a “break.”

    We also should look at the educational system as becoming more of a social services department then education.

  21. Redbone

    My mother is a retired teacher.. I have seen a lot. No matter how you look at it the system is setup to fail African American children… I home school my last son. He is now a Sargent in the military getting his degree..

  22. Lynette Wright

    I am a black woman special educator who had 12 years of working in special ed as a teacher assistant. After getting a Masters in Special Education, I no longer work as a teacher. My principal made it impossible for me to gain tenure. The few years I did teach children with mild cognitive disabilities, parents felt some progress was being made in their children’s lives. I remained in contact with the teachers who now have my students. The new teachers are having difficulty with the parents of my former students and are now blaming me for my individualized supports, claiming I pandered to the parents only to make the child’s learning a more pleasant experience. These new teachers cared less about seeing the students unique learning style and gift. I may have been identified as special ed as a child. My ability to comprehend from a different perspective allows me to understand individualized instruction.

    • Redbone

      @Lynette W.

      I believe every word you posted. My mother was a gifted reading teacher. Her mission was to get her child wild they were young, teach them basic reading skills, because if you can read all else falls in place. The school district knew my mother was special, so they choose white students who’s parents had money and placed them in my mothers class-rm and the less fortunate children / minority went without. My mother gave her last 2 two years before retiremnt to a middle school in the hood. My mother called them her babies, these children had so many issues due to their parents being on drugs, peddlers, just plain old poor and trying to survive. African america have so many issues and mental health issues, bullshyt is far and wide. Many white teachers are lazy-a$$ SOB’s especially when it comes to teaching black children, and many of you don’t even realize the hateful racist a$$ bullshyt they say to our children behind our backs and the white school system protect those dogs at all cost….call it what you will, but Redbone is a witness…wink!

      Stop making excuses and save your babies and your crying days will be over with. Home schooled children have manors and integrity because they are at home where they feel safe in their inviroment so they learn eaisily without stress. Now let me say this: How do you blackfolk think the white system is going to continue to allow african american to home school their children / aka: take black babies out of the devil hands….wink!!! Something to think about because the war is coming….. Redbone

  23. ignorance will kill us

    Stop looking for leadership and get off YOUR asses and rear your children. Stop depending on white women and a fcked up school system to get your sons ready for prison.

    1 turn off any reality show period
    2 cancel BET
    3 get your dumb asses fown to the library so they can learn…a mind is a terrible thing to waste.
    4 you will only save yourself and your children…no one else will
    5 coming from a single parent….dont put your children in someone elses hands to raise….
    6 do what you can now so that your lives and theirs will be different in the next 5 years
    7 pull them out of the school if you have to. There are other options

    Coming from a single mom with 3 black males…2 in college with jobs…1 left in high school.

    • Redbone

      You tell mama… They need to stop all the [email protected] talking debating and get busy saving their kids. Some of you will have to do without somethings, so the hell what, our babies are important, they are the future like the grass dyes and rejuvinated every season…. wake the hell up will ya…

      Let a fool be a fool until he become wise!!!!

  24. Hiroader2

    I’d would “support” classroom cameras over attention deficit drugs for children anytime .., Clearly it’s an “behavioral distraction” problem, Some of these schools have bullets flying around, substance abuse , dysfunctional entertentertainment media (tv, music) with no positive imagery… The average urban school student cost $18,000 per year each., We’re talking “Grand Theft Larceny ” here… People say prisoners treament of each other make prisons harsh.. You’d have to factor in the officials who deprive resources… The average black male student drops public school when the distractions of his environment outweighs his connection/participation to education and scholary development ..”How does drugs solve that “?… When the answer is (dropping reality) on them when they’re younger… From point A to Z… Video surveillance. & general assembly programs on student conduct and discipline is better than any attention deficit sedative drugged up student… Under that school house roof is ONE group… In some cases boys & girls may be an distraction for their behavior by the ages of 8 to 10 yrs old and should be instructed on SOCIAL policy.., Or zero tolerance of weapons, way ahead of drugs and law enforcement…. If “stand-your-ground ” has been modified to include “warning shots”…, Most of these kids should have general assemblies of conduct and discipline instruction videos. to warn them… Some kids get in trouble indicating their having trouble at home (drug the kid?)….

    • Redbone

      You are loaded full of bullshyt. Maybe your donkey a$$ need to walk in some of the shoes of those less fortunate children. Jigga you ain’t God. How do you know some of those children aren’t drug babies???? I get sicken tired of ignorance in adult blackfolks. My son has ADD/ADHD forreal… it is in my family’s bloodline, handed down through my father, and he is also dyxlexia amongst other issues, but my son is a survivor. I did not put him on those whiteman drugs, if I had he would be “DEAD & BURRIED” today.

      Many white children who took those drugs in the 80tys are dead from (HEART ATTACKS & STROKES), and some are (SERIAL KILLERS)… do your [email protected] home work…!!! Why do you think some of the X-military guys go crazy and turn into serial killers. My youngest son 24 yrs old in the military have more sense then you do, he did all his research before he got into high school because he wanted to make the military his career. Blackfolks talk a lot of backwards bullshyt all the [email protected] time, when will it ever end, just pure hatred even for the black-babies who are our future / a dying breed…….,[email protected]!!!

  25. Sigmasoul

    In 1966 I was taken out of the scholars program in the 8th grade, due to fighting back against racist bullies at my Jr. High School. At that time I had a 117 IQ, was president of both the chess & photography clubs. Also taking my second year of Spanish. Over half of my class that I was removed from when to honors/magnet high schools. Labeled a black trouble maker, while the white kids who I fought were allowed to say in the scholars program.
    My Father (God bless him) came home from SE Asia in 1968, when up to the school and raised hell. II was then placed in the honors high school in the 10th grade.
    Played catch up all of the 10th grade, due to being placed in Special Education in the 9th grade. The pain of being removed from the scholars program, becomes real every time I read an article about black boys being placed in special education programs for no valid reason. God bless you DAD for fighting for a quality education for me.

    • Redbone


      You go brother…. I know you had a hard time coming up in school… I’m your witness and Redbone wasn’t even there… but my mother was no joke when it came to fighting the racist white school district and she was also a teacher too.

      I “HATE” public schools with a passion, and I still “HATE” public schools with a passion til this very day, to this very present hour… Ain’t one [email protected] thing changed in any of those [email protected] They are only set in-place to destroy the black family.
      I’m on the westcoast….. Anybody can be a [email protected] teacher today, especially a SUB… Teachers sleep with the students, sell drugs on campus, use drugs themselves, live in domestic abuse, have mental illiness, its endless. My mother taught us well and we watched her and helped her set her classrooms and bulletin boards every fricken year. So don’t get the Redbone twisted about one [email protected] thing when it comes to all these demonic public schools, and might I add: TEXAS is the worst on the map. They give black children tickets like they are fkn automobile drivers BAM! BAM! BAM! one ticket and now they are in the system being drapped for prison…. Don’t tell me I don’t know what the fk I’m talking about…..!!!

  26. A. G.

    We have too many parents that don’t get involved in their children’s education, the only time they show their faces at school is when they think some teacher has mistreated their child. Couple that with the fact that we have too many teachers that are White and have no idea how to teach a Black child or the teacher does not want to put the time in to teach therefore they end up in special ed., most of these children are intelligent and have no learning problems. I truly miss our Black schools, we lost so much when we lost our own teachers and schools!

  27. James Alexander

    “Why are black boys filling up the special education classes? “

    There are a number of answers to this question. First of all let me just say that we are a nation of “effect”, and pay very little attention to “cause”. The Government started drafting large numbers of African-Americans in the mid 60’s and sent them to war in “Vietnam”. These men ranged in the ages of 18 to 25 and consisted of the healthiest, straightest, smartest, and those with no prior criminal record beyond a misdemeanor. In other words the “cream of the crop” of young Black men. Those that didn’t serve and left behind were those with college exemptions, the unhealthy, homosexuals, felons, the illiterate and those past draft age. I’ll leave it up to your imagination to conclude what happened during this period. To compound the problem for Black people, out of the number of Blacks that went to war, a very large number were killed and of those returning very few came back in the same mental or physical condition as when they left. A very large number returned drug addicted and drug dependent, while others returned mentally ill and with other problems. What we have now is a generation of kids born of parents of parents, many of which were hardly equipped to have children. So if you’re looking for reasons why black boys are filling up special education classes and the prisons, I suggest you look at the Vietnam War as a “cause”. What we have now are the “effects” of that war which have produced two generations of maladjusted black men, women and children. We cannot undo what has already happened, but what we can do is take ownership of where we are now and go from there. Stop this non-sense about “reparations” for slavery and focus on getting reparations and help for those families directly affected by the Vietnam War…

  28. Kre8tiveSoul

    My son has autism. Was diagnosed at 3 years old via the Early Childhood Initiative. I was a single mother who also has a chronic illness (sarcoidosis) and was taking steroids when I was pregnant with him. I decided that I would not take SSI because I am capable of raising my child without the help of the government. My son has been raised in a family that loves him. He also has been in church before he could walk and talk. He is 14 now and is an accomplished musician, artist and an honor roll student. He is mainstreamed 80% and does special ed 20% of the time. For someone like him, mainstream can be tough because the kids tend to bully him or want him to participate in bad behavior . I have raised him to respect others but his uncles, older brother and men at his church have taught him how to defend himself. I think some of these comments are very harsh and stereotypical…,not all women smoke crack or drink.,,and not all black people want a free payday..,,this black woman certainly didn’t do any of the mentioned comments and my child is doing better than most who dont have challenges. I believe we need to stop finger pointing and start coming up with solutions…,,Through prayer and educating myself on my sons condition , I have been empowered to raise my son without the assistance of the government…medications and will be homeschooling my son for safety reasons. I have created a group on Facebook “Helping Bullies Understand Children with Autism. Its open to anyone who struggles with their autistic child in mainstream classrooms who are being picked on because they are different. I want to make a difference in the lives of both the bully and the victim. I have worked with jr high kids for some years and what I found is that alot of young men are not RAISED…Mothers need to educate their sons on be able to provide for themselves first and then others…we tend to raise our daughters but praise our sons and now we have a generation of saggy pants..gun toting wannabe gangsters who have no respect for females..,Stop trying to be friends with your son…he needs discipline…I believe in spare the rod, spoil the child..,,stop trying to buy his love…Nikes and Xboxes will not prepare your son for the dangers of this world…besides he should be earning those things….lets start something that will empower our children…lets get back to “it takes a whole village”!


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