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Home-schooling Dad and Rabbi Creates Online Jewish Learning Program

By: Krystle Crossman

Rabbi Yosef Resnick of Boston has taken Jewish home-schooling to a whole new level. Jewish schools can be quite expensive and a lot of families do not want their children going to public schools. These concerned parents now have another alternative if they wish to teach their child. Room613 was created by Resnick with the idea that Jewish children could still get a great education without all of the financial burden for the parents.

Resnick has five children who are all home-schooled. He is also a Jewish religious scribe which is called a sofer stam. On top of that he is a Rabbi with a master’s degree in education. The name of his site (Room613) is named after the Torah commandments called mitzvoth as there are 613 of them. The site offers real-time classes for any student that wants to learn Judaic teachings. There are a wide range of classes that are available.

Resnick says that the main goal of the site is to give students the chance to learn the teachings of the Torah that they may not be able to get otherwise. He was raised in a home where religion was not a huge part of his family’s life. He said that he felt like there was something missing and he needed religion. After learning on his own about the Torah and other ancient Judaic studies he realized that he wanted to teach these things to as many people as he could. The classrooms are a safe environment for kids who are there to really learn.

The site offers different classes such as Torah studies and Jewish holiday observance lessons. Resnick has also created a class in the morning where the students get together for a morning prayer if they wish to. The annual tuition from Room613 is $1,800 which is considerably less than most Jewish schools which cost around $20,000 per year. The tuition gives students access to all courses.

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