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It’s Annoying But It Works: How Africans and Caribbeans Push Their Kids To Get A’s

By: Krystle Crossman

Students all over the country are in a state of excitement. It is the end of the school year, and for many, the end of high school. Graduations are being celebrated in every state. Proud parents are posting photos of their children in caps and gowns, shopping for their prom outfits, and doing senior activities. Yearbooks are floating through classrooms, filled with heartfelt goodbyes and “keep in touch” messages. All of their hard work has paid off and many have their parents to thank for their good grades.

Parents in African and Caribbean cultures are doing something new to make their kids study harder so that they will get better grades. They are posting hilarious Youtube videos that show how parents in these different cultures get their kids to take their education seriously.

1. Nigeria – A video from a parent in Nigeria shows his son coming home with a 90 on his report card and the father is not happy about it. He tells his son that it is not good enough. The son says that it’s the best grade in his class but his father tells him not to compare himself to others. He then tells him that for dinner he is making him eat Ghanaian jolof rice. This is throwing some history in as when Nigeria’s economy dipped, they needed to get rid of workers from Ghana. Those from Ghana were forced out carrying only what they could fit in a medium grocery bag.

2. Jamaica – This video shows a father who is upset about hearing that his son is misbehaving in music class. He tells him that he worked too hard to bring his son over to America for him to squander the education that he is getting.

3. Quintessential African parent – The final video shows a mother in a meeting about her daughter with the art teacher. She has no interest in what the teacher has to say about her daughter’s skills and asks where the “real” teachers are. This serves to show the struggle that many are facing with education reform as more time is taken in the core studies and it pushes essential studies such as the arts out of view.

Here is a funny video of a Nigerian Dad:

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2 thoughts on “It’s Annoying But It Works: How Africans and Caribbeans Push Their Kids To Get A’s

  1. ericaf

    The narrative is ” I left my country to come here and work hard to give you a better life and you playing the fool?” I will k!ll you d€@d if you make me shame. That’s it.


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