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Black People Described as Having “thick lips” and “wide noses.” in Hong Kong Student Textbooks

downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Tom Grundy has created a blog called Hong Wrong. He is an activist and aims to show people the dark side of certain cultures and how they exploit others. In one of his latest blog entries he features a workbook from a Hong Kong school that is overrun with stereotypes that should not be taught to children. These stereotypical descriptions were used to try and help children match up the people pictured with their nationalities.

One of the first photos that he tweeted showed a series of people and a thought bubble next to them describing who they were. It starts off with a white male whose description is, “I am British. I am an English teacher.” That one doesn’t seem too bad, right? Then it jumps to a woman of color with the description, “I am Filipino. I am a domestic helper in Hong Kong.” From there it moves to “I am Japanese. I have a sushi restaurant in Hong Kong”, “I am Chinese. Shanghai is my hometown”. Those are not too terrible either. The last one featured on the page states, “I am Indian. I study in an international school.”

After the description pages there are pages that have the students match up the different races with supposed characteristics that each race possesses. For example, they state that black people have “thick lips” and “wide noses”. Grundy questioned the Hong Kong Equal Opportunities Commission about the stereotypes that these textbooks were using. They stated that educational materials should have diversity and cultural values. They stated that they did not feel that ethnic stereotypes should be looked at with caution.

The South Morning China Post states that the textbooks that Grundy is referring to are not on the recommended educational materials list for schools in Hong Kong and yet they are still being used in schools.

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13 thoughts on “Black People Described as Having “thick lips” and “wide noses.” in Hong Kong Student Textbooks

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  2. Dalan Right

    Not surprising. Asians are the most racist of peoples. They falsely believe they are superior.

  3. Andrea Braboy

    As far as I can tell, there were no derogatory comments about any ethnicity. BTW: I love my wide nose and thick lips.

  4. Donnie X

    Misguided and shameful approach to educating children . The Asain community of Hong Kong have they even looked at themselves . They too have have wide noises and thick lips. Which would suggest black or African ancestors. This is clearing European influence. When everything black is giving a negative light. There is always a hidden hand. When the world emulates black culture.

  5. Tiamette

    I am a black female who does not care what those people think of me. What matters is my character and how I treat people in this world where we all have to live. Too bad that supposedly intelligent people choose to focus on such non important things. I personally have better things to do that focus on appearances, which are as we know very deceiving.

  6. Carole McDonnell

    I have thick lips and a wide nose. So do most African people and many Asian people. Not sure why one calls this a stereotype since they ARE racial characteristics. Some Black folks don’t have these stereotypes, just as some Asians don’t have certain “Asian” characteristics…but this seems like someone who has way too much racial angst and too much time on his hands.

  7. v Kelton p

    Thick lips, wide nose, & this width/thickness extends under our “clothes” too. We’re just “built” & not ashamed of it. Except for bikini at the beach. OMG u get stared at in all kinds of ways so NEVER again. Wide/thick bulge so swim trunks only for me.

  8. Keith

    People who live closer to the equatorial arid regions tend have thicker lips and wider noses to deal with the hot arid conditions on where they live. People descended from those people tend to have the same features. Why are these features something to be ashamed of?

  9. godfather05

    I am black and I do not have a big nose nor thick lips although if I did I would cherish them. Now how am I described in the text book? Have you ever looked at some of the noses on whites?

  10. reid_db

    Some of the people in Hong Kong have wide noses and thick lips. I wonder if the students then ask, “Well, am I black?” It’s not anything to be ashamed of, but using it as a description for a race is tricky. For me, it just adds to the still unanswered question in my head, “What EXACTLY is race?” Every definition you come of with will be at least partly untrue, supporting my notion that race is a false concept, unscientific, and based on negative emotions toward others who are different. While physical and cultural differences definitely exist, there is only ONE race. The human race.

  11. pangela

    Seriously, blacks do have thick lips and wide noses. Is the author blind? Mixed race blacks might have slightly thinner features.


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