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Special Ed. Teacher Has $ex With 14 Year Old Student

By: Krystle Crossman

Stephanie Amato of Philadelphia, PA is a special education 8th grade teacher. Parents put their trust in her and believe that she will help their children to succeed in school. They probably never expected that she would develop a very illegal relationship with one of her students.

Amato is 30 years old. The student that she was having an affair with is 14 years old. Although police have determined that the relationship was consensual, it is still against the law in Pennsylvania. They had found that Amato and the student had been sending inappropriate text messages to each other. They also found that she knew that what she was doing was wrong because she made the student promise to tell. In March and April Amato and the student had more than 10 encounters that took place in her car and her home.

The student’s parent said that his son is not the same since this all came to light. He is ashamed and does not want to go back to school because of what the other kids would think. The father says that he wants justice because Amato took away his son’s youth.

Amato turned herself in today to the Philadelphia police but not before posting photos on her Facebook page of her hanging out with her students the previous night. Other parents in the school are shocked and disgusted that a teacher would use their place of authority to take advantage, especially since she is a special education teacher. All of the parents in the school were given a letter that stated that Amato had been arrested.

She faces multiple charges which include indecent exposure, statutory s*xual assault, involuntary deviate s*xual interc0urse, endangering the welfare of a child, interference with custody of children, indecent assault, unlawful contact with a minor, and corruption of a minor.

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6 thoughts on “Special Ed. Teacher Has $ex With 14 Year Old Student

  1. Leo Thomas

    All I have to comment is with any other race involved in the same action I see a plethora of
    derogatory and vulgar comments posted below the article against the whole race but with this one I see none. I usually don’t respond but I find it alarming at the lack of interest. This is at least borderline racial discrimination as if All races don’t commit the same crimes, but there isn’t even a phantom of the same disgust, rants, and outrage when dealing with people of non-ethnic descent. What she did is wrong just like it would be for anybody else that mess with children in an inappropriate manner, so why is it ignored?

    • elrancho2

      Totally agree. If the teacher had been black there would have been countless nasty comments and accusations. Just as in the cases of Michael Vick and Tiger Woods, where certain whites basically made them “most wanted” criminals in the history of the world. But when a white person commits a crime, it’s not such a big deal to these people. Same old double standards, same old racism, same old white America.

    • billy blaq

      I think you have a hard time labeling racist things what they are. A teacher rapes a 14 year old kid, and there isn’t any outrage. We are a marginalized people, and nobody who hurts us or our children will ever face the scorn that we would face for the same crime.

  2. jboogie

    Just when ESPN forces Steven A.Smith to apologize about his remarks regarding women provoking domestic situation and the men getting the worst end of the stick. Our major problem in our society today, we refuse to discipline women on their actions of deviance. Television want to show women in power in all aspects of our world as if she build this. There is no world without the existence of male and female; no one has a higher presentation than the other, we just have different responsibility. So, now we have this sick as white woman raping children, and in the last two years we have seen a high number of adult teacher mishandling our children. Most men get put away for this sick act, now let’s see what they will do with this insane sick white mofo. Women always talking about ruling the world, but they don’t have enough sense to measure a ruler. Send this story over to judge Lynn; she’s a feminist who believe in the ignorance, I mean power of women. Women in her eye’s don’t do anything wrong, you women better wake and realize that we are in this together. And, we both got to work on our differences for the sake of our children. And, this isn’t going to work destroying our children in this way, so I hope they put this nasty as white B! Tch under the jail.


    Yeah, where are all those white, racist posters at on this story? And what about the story of the white chick in Lake Charles giving slurpees to a dude while her kids are in a car around the corner after midnight? Brothers and sisters, this is why you don’t respond to those racist comments. Those people just want to get a rise out of you. As for this THOT, I hope this is a lesson for everyone…she had sex, my bad, she mentally and physically raped this child, and got hit with at least 7 criminal counts. We need to be kept abreast of stories like this to see if these nasty white child molesters get the prison time they deserve or some form of probation. But to hell with her. Don’t need to make her famous. The people that live in that community need to see what the law is on this type of offense and make sure that she is punished with extensive jail time.


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