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ADHD Medication causes boys to grow breasts

The drug Risperdal is prescribed to young children for “behavior problems” and to control ADHD.  Black boys are more likely than any other group in the country to be prescribed psychiatric medication.  Many psychologists believe that the drugs are overused on black boys as a way to control them and to make them more docile. It also has an impact on behavioral problems later down the road, leading to incarceration, addiction and other ailments.

Drs. Umar Johnson, Juwanza Kunjufu, Boyce Watkins and others have spoken out against the over-prescription of such drugs, and this video below might be one of the reasons why.

The drug was found to cause boys to overproduce the hormone that creates breasts in women.  The boy discussed below was taking the drug for seven years, and as a teenager, he ended up growing breasts.  This led to tremendous “fear and humiliation” for the teen, pushing him further into seclusion.

His mother noticed the problem and after a series of tests, it was determined that the drug was the cause of her son’s ailments.  Sam Wilson, the boy in the video, says that his friends bullied him so much that he didn’t want to engage in any physical activities at school.

A psychiatrist gave Sam the drug at the age of 10.  His mother Pam called the office of the company that made the drug, Jensen.  She says that when she told them what was going on with her son, they told her that this wasn’t possible. But she went to yet another doctor, who confirmed her suspicions.

According to

Black children are still diagnosed and medicated less frequently than white children, but they are catching up fast. Between 2001 and 2010, there was a 70 percent increase in diagnoses among black boys and girls ages 5 to 11, according to a Kaiser Permanente study released last year.


The video is below.  Watch it and tell us what you think.

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One thought on “ADHD Medication causes boys to grow breasts

  1. Floyd

    I cannot understand why we allow doctors to experiment on our children with prescribe drugs. If the child is having a behavior problem, its because that child has lack the proper upbringing by his/her parental adults or guardian. We do not have to give children poisonous drugs to make them behave. Its a way to keep Black kids with a slavery mentality which will be effective during adult live. If those so called experts would do honest and intelligent research they would realize that Black kids are naturally more active than white kids. Its in our genetic or (melinic) make up. Scientifically a Black body carries more energy than a white body thus this excessive energy makes our Black kids more active. The problem is since we do not understand this characteristic, we suppress the kids instead of guiding this energy in the proper direction.
    This same characteristic is the reason we were made slaves in this country. It was because of our stamina and the ability to handle ultraviolet rays from the Sun…..a gift from God.
    My kids were super active, I was super active when I was a kid, but my parents and I made sure the energy was directed in positive directions.
    This is the reason the knowledge of ourselves has caused us to be too docile to the point that we think those doctors are looking at our best interest. They are looking at their best interest which is the suppression of the man of color.


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