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Did you know Barack Obama’s high school basketball team won the state championship?

President Obama has a powerful and respected life.  He is the first black president, actually born of mixed-race heritage, and his role in history has been cemented for all eternity.  But the president’s past appears to be even richer and more interesting than his present and future.

The picture above is an old pic of the president on his high school basketball team in his home state of Hawaii.  The president makes no secret about his love for basketball and continues to play till this day.

The president attended Punahou School in Honolulu from the fifth until the 12th grade.  From there, he went on to Occidental College, transferring to Columbia University.  His final educational stop was Harvard Law School.

During high school, Obama was very active.  He wrote for Ka Wai Ola, the school’s literary journal and also played on several sports teams.  His basketball team won the 1979 state championship in basketball on a team that included two men who later became professional athletes.  Oddly enough, neither player went to the NBA.  John Kamana later played for the Atlanta Falcons and Mark Tuinei played for the Dallas Cowboys.

Now you can say that you know a little bit more about your president.  It appears that there is more to his life than meets the eye.

It also shows that excellence transcends the moment and impacts everything else you try to do in life.  The president’s life is full of outstanding moments which came from hard work, dedication and a commitment to academic excellence.   Had his mother not instilled him with these values as a young man, he never would have become the man that he is today.

Do you think he’s a good politician too?

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3 thoughts on “Did you know Barack Obama’s high school basketball team won the state championship?

  1. Bartholomew Worthington

    I believe the President is more representative of middle class values than any I can recall in recent history. The man seems to be genuine, though I hesitate to label any politician a “good man”.

    He is a great example for Black men however, as fathers, as husbands. And while I don’t agree with all of his policy positions, I understand the challenge of governing for the whole nation, and not just one group or constituency.


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