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Judge Threatens FL Man With Jail Unless He Stops Homeschooling His 8 Yr Old

By: Krystle Crossman

Joseph Rosa has proclaimed himself a sovereign citizen. He does not wish to abide by the rules of the government and so he has decided that he is his own estate. He lives in Marion County, FL and has been ordered to send his 8 year old daughter to school or else he will be sent to jail.

Hear part of his story in this video:

Rosa was arrested last Thursday, May 29th because he failed to appear at a truancy hearing that was set for him. He went to court before a judge on Monday, June 2nd where he kept repeating, “I do not consent or assent to anything being done here.”. He also continued to say, “I’m the executor of the state of Joseph Anthony Rosa. I demand immediate discharge of the state known as Joseph Anthony Rosa.”

The judge in the case asked Rosa why exactly he felt that his daughter did not belong in school. Judge Anthony Tatti said that he was depriving his child of an education that she deserves. He said that one of the things that the government does really well is make sure that all children have access to an education. Rosa’s daughter had gone to school at one point, she was in kindergarten and first grade, but after that she did not attend any classes. Rosa stood stone faced in front of the judge. He was shackled and handcuffed because during previous encounters with authority he became combative.

Judge Tatti ordered that Rosa send his daughter to school. He said that she could be in private school if that is what he wanted but she could not be home-schooled. He also said that she could not be absent or late to school. Should she not show up Rosa will be sentenced to 180 days in jail.

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23 thoughts on “Judge Threatens FL Man With Jail Unless He Stops Homeschooling His 8 Yr Old

  1. A. Freeman

    Home school is the best way to educate our children. As a sovereign citizen he should have never signed his child up to participate in the public fool system. If he would have never enrolled her into their system, they would have no jurisdiction to come after him for any arrest.

    Stop making contracts with those devils and educate your own children, or put them in a homeschool setting of someone you trust who is already homeschooling their child(ren).

  2. Tiffany

    Wow if he isn’t hurting his child this is some bs!!! This makes me not Ben want to start any kind of public or private schooling because if I want to take my child out who knows wth I’ll have to deal with.

  3. shield

    This is bull sh!t this tyrannical government should not be able to force our children to go to their brain wash centers where they learn bullshit history and how to fear the government. That kid is his and that is his right to not have to force her to go to school. Imprisonment? Are you kidding me. The time is near, the beginning of the end. Yashaya is near.

  4. Regina

    I wonder if the judge was objecting to the curriculum that the parent was teaching. Contact ACLU.

  5. Harold Maynard

    No one. No Government. No Institution, religion or education. No Court and definitely no man ( judge) has no right to make any law whatsoever ever to dictate people’ s behavior on any subject whatsoever. Any one who exhibits that kind of behavior should get away with it. No court on this globe can give no man that kind of power. That power is owned by the individual and his God. Shame on so called educated people.

  6. Bluebeard

    Yes that juge needs a wake up call. His kids probably get the best education bcause he can afford it. In out communities they r closin many schls and nothin is being done I dnt blame him I blame this bullshit ass system. White people think its all honky dory bcause it is 4 them. Bsides the bullshit curriculum does not help latr bcause I cant comprehend how I am suppose to relate to some old ass whiteman and the things he dif knowin it was against me and my kind!! Bsides white people home schl their children all the time.Its propaganda!!

  7. gary r

    any time you see the word sovereign & citizen together , youautomatically know it’s more propaganda you are about to read. grab i legal dictionary and look up the meanings you basically just created a double negative. Did not even continue to read the article.

    • Jonathon

      Words can have separate definitions and then be used together in reference to one thing that has a definition which is not just the two independent definitions added together. This is English, not math. A fruit bat is not a peach -or any other fruit- crossed with a bat, its a bat that eats fruit. A horse fly isn’t an equine/insect hybrid. Also, adding the independent definitions together does not create a double negative. A double negative is a sentence statement which has two negative words. Negative words would be things like nouns, verbs, and adverbs; but not an adjective. The coupling of Sovereign and Citizen gives us the not negative noun Citizen, and the word modifying or adding meaning or some description to the noun, which in this case means that Sovereign is acting as an adjective. The necessary ingredients just arent there to form a double negative; at the most you can argue they pairing to make an oxymoron.
      This is the only argument you give to back up your assertion that news relating to sovereign citizens is propaganda and therefore untrustworthy. You fail to identify how this is even be propaganda though. You don’t identify your claim as to who is even supposed to be the purpose or source of the propaganda. First off, I’m assuming in your premise that you didn’t explain the ones being labelled as “Sovereign Citizens” are the victims and that the news outlets are being operated with an Agenda to discredit and dismiss this group of people. I can only assume that’s what you meant to convey anyway, because the only reasoning you gave behind your claim was the independent definitions of Sovereign Citizen form a double negative (which they don’t). This holds no relevance towards your argument, even if it was true. So I assume you mean to say that media labeling them with a name you falsely assert is “grammatically incorrect” and that you believe they do so to try and sway public opinion against them and their actions to meet the goals of some agenda. You also give no attempt to identify who or what group is responsible for putting out this propaganda against Sovereign Citizens and why they would. And if you area asserting that the term they are labelled with is evidence that they are being stamped with what you consider a poor name as some way to make them look bad, then you are way off base, because they self-identify as Sovereign Citizens, meaning that even if you had a valid argument for the case of propaganda against SCs (sovereign citizens), the only example or reason you mentioned would still be an ad hominem and have no connection to your premise and thus couldn’t contribute towards your conclusion, which in this case is also ad hominem because it has no sound logic connecting your premises to your conclusion or even just have valid logic connecting your premises.
      Now since propaganda is usually a campaign of bias or even false information meant to sway public perception through different media outlets, and is almost always performed by higher powers, like governments, on people in order to advance agendas and influence people, I assumed you to be proposing SCs as the targets since such a minimal group of unorganized individuals couldn’t organize such an event to meet the definition of propaganda. However, to cover all the bases, its possible that you meant to suggest that SCs were behind the propaganda. Aside from the aforementioned reasoning I made as to why an unorginized and minuscule piece of the population could hold such influence over media outlets and people, Your only reasoning given regarding your misinformed opinion on the name SC to explain your propaganda claim now makes even less sense of being some indication that this article will contain bias information. SC is just the title they associate with and thus is used by others to reference them too, so in know way would an article with that name stand out as having been subject to there influence, so it would follow that the claim that the article will be full of propaganda can not be proved.
      Oh, and if you’re suggesting that reports on him are being exaggerated to somehow cast a poor image of Homeschooling then two crucial things are what make that claim false as well. The first being that the man in question recorded many of his interactions with the police out of a misplaced sense of self righteousness. In the videos you see exchanges were the cops are delivering truancy papers and in return he claims that they are trespassing and at the wrong house and that he is not the man they are talking about, even though they have a picture of him and say he matches the photo. He then continues to yell out the police, making false accusations of wrong doing while repeatedly denying and lying about his house and his identity. The videos show his actions and irrational behaviour first hand with no way of embellishing. The second hole in your claim, and the biggest, is that Joseph Rosa was not homeschooling his daughter. Because they government monitors the education of children, a girl being home-schooled would be in the system and recognized as such, and as long as her education in on track then its fine and completely legal. But in the videos we can clearly Police dropping off TRUANCY papers. Meaning that his daughter was actually enrolled in public education and had not been attending, in this case because her father was not taking her and was thus denying her education by not meeting the standards to give her the alternative to public schooling. Homeschooling is legal, so there is no constitutional way in hell he would have been found guilty for doing if he was do it correctly. If his daughter was enrolled with the education system then it wouldnt have been on record that she had been missing school.
      Interestingly, this is also the only site where this article is posted with the word Homeschooling. This case had nothing to do with proper homeschooling and everything to do with a man who had ignored the fact that laws apply to him and did so to the extent that it prevented his daughter from receiving education. Yet this website chose to run this article with a straight up LIE of a headline claiming that this was had in fact taken the steps to actually home school his little girl, as if it were some evidence for not only injustice against not only the path of home schooling, but also possibly black people because the man was black. This was not an issue of race or about choosing how to have your children properly educated by state standards at home instead of publicly, this was just a guy who thought he could ignore the laws and not face consequences. And now thanks to him, his daughter can’t have a sick day or else he goes to jail for 180 days.

  8. maryellen b.

    Well, has the judge given a good reason for his ruling? Many children are home schooled without any problem. Dont you think there must have been a good reason WHY he would make such a drastic ruling??? Just saying….

  9. Shay

    Did this man take the necessary steps and paperwork to homeschool his daughter. Florida is in fact very fair toward parents who want to homeschool. Since they brought him to court he cannot home school her for a period of one year. After that he can then petition to homeschool his child

  10. Denise

    Y’all need to get your one sided head out of
    Your behind and look into why he landed in front of the court system in the first place! Google it. He wasn’t homeschooling or doing anything but be a horrible selfish “parent” if you can even call him that. Sick just sick.

  11. Ron

    The judge is doing the right thing. There was nothing in the article or the video (unless I missed it) that said that he was homeschooling his child. Was there? He’s not being threatened with jail for homeschooling his child. He is being threatened with jail for not providing access to an education to his child. That is completely appropriate. Also, the whole “sovereign state of Me” argument doesn’t fly. It is just a way for whack jobs to try to get out of following the laws that everyone else follows. Also, if “The Black Home School” wants to be taken seriously as an organization, this probably isn’t the guy you need to be hitching your wagon to. Just sayin’.

  12. Aunice

    Home schooling is legal in the state of FL under option 1. He should contact HSLDA. This is why I always tell people to become a HSLDA member. If he had been, he probably wouldn’t have spent one day in jail. A lot of times officials are not aware of the homeschool statutes in their state.

  13. cj

    I am wondering does the judge have the legal right to order a parent to send their child to school and not allow home school. also can a NYC judge do the same?

    • Jonathon

      The judge has the authority to order that when it turns out the daughter was not actually being properly home schooled to meet state standards. In this case, the a parents have been proven unreliable to deliver the appropriate level of education for their child but instead of acknowledging this and enrolling her in public school instead of home school, they didn’t enroll her in either. I would imagine the laws to be similar in most states, and the key in this case is that the child wasnt actually receiving her homeschooling education. In normal cases where the parents actually take the steps to ensure that they child can be effectively taught and learn from home there is on problem. A judge would only order you to send off your child to public school if he reviewed the case and decided that for whatever reason, the child was not able to receive a good enough quality of education from home. And even then, an appeal may be made to a higher court if the parents believe the Judge’s decision to be unfair.

  14. cj

    can anyone help me with the process of home schooling, my daughters school in the bx sent her home and will not allow her back because I elected not to give her the tdap. how do I go about the process to legally home school here in ny?

  15. Kay Manley

    This guy has deep psychological problems. Watch any of the many videos and his unprovoked hostility is glaring. He also tends to get the loudest and boldest when officers are driving away (so yes, he is also a gutless coward). It is a shame that his kid has to suffer because of the father. This problem should have been addressed a long time ago. The cops should pulled a Rodney King on him an taught him to keep his sovereign mouth shut.


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