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Educating Boys: Why Boys Are Two-Thirds of Students in Special Education

By: Krystle Crossman

There are many boys that do really well in school. They are bright and attentive and they love being there. Others are extremely bright but lack the focus that it takes to really enjoy school and get the most out of it. Studies have shown that there are more “boy geniuses” than there are girls and that there are more boys at the top of the IQ scale than there are girls as well. Unfortunately many boys lack the concentration that is required and school is ill-fitted for them which leads them to perform under their potential level.

It is hard for many kids to sit still all day and listen to lectures from teachers but it is especially hard for boys. They have so much energy but they do not get to expend it while they are in class. This can lead to poor performance because they cannot sit still and focus on the task at hand. The U.S. Department of Education states that 2/3 of special education students are boys and they are five times more likely to be considered hyperactive than their female counterparts.

The National Center for Educational Statistics shows that:

– Boys have a four to five times higher chance of being given a diagnosis of ADHD than girls do.

– Girls outperform boys when it comes to grades and tests in every schooling level including college and grad school.

– More women receive college degrees than men do. 56% of bachelor’s degrees are earned by women and 55% of graduate degrees are earned by women.

– There is a 30% higher chance that a boy will drop out of high school as opposed to girls.

These statistics of course do not mean that your boy is destined to fail the minute he enters school. Every child is different.

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4 thoughts on “Educating Boys: Why Boys Are Two-Thirds of Students in Special Education

  1. Redbone

    I don’t even need to read this article….. Take your black male childs out of the public school system. If the white system is killing off african americans male and female what the fk does that tell you!!!! Save your kids life, home school them and stop talking about it. The bullshyt they teach our children is also corrupt, because it is all whiteman established. Stop making excuses and thinking about it, just do it. SAVE YOUR CHILDREN / fk the dumb-stuff.

    • James Williams

      for Redbone: Maybe you should read the article, no where in it did it mention black boys…only boys. IJS

  2. Redbone

    African American teachers are just like african american police, their hands are tied too…wink!!! This is evil white america, and all white people are not racist, but who has time to figure who is not when our childrens minds are at stake…


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