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The Worst College Majors and Why They Are Ranked Lowest

By: Krystle Crossman

When picking a major for college the decision sometimes comes down to either “what am I most passionate about?” or “what will get me the biggest salary?”. Hopefully the one that will get you the big bucks is also the one that is what you are the most passionate about so that you will love what you do. Unfortunately many people’s dream jobs barely pay the bills and are some of the worst majors to take in college. Here is a list of the top 10 worst majors starting with the lowest unemployment rate after college for recent grads to the highest. These are some of the worst because there are very few entry level jobs that are available for college grads. Many of these require experience or there is very little need for that specific major:

1. Physical Fitness / Parks & Rec: 8.3% unemployment rate
2. Liberal Arts: 9.2%
3. Music: 9.2%
4. English Language and Literature: 9.2%
5. History: 10.2%
6. Anthropology and Archaeology: 10.5%
7. Philosophy and Religious Studies: 10.8%
8. Commercial Art and Graphic Design: 11.8%
9. Fine Arts: 12.6%
10. Film/Video & Photographic Arts: 12.9%

These statistics were pulled together by H&R Block. They also showed the most in-demand majors:

1. Business
2. Computer and Information Sciences
3. Engineering
4. Health Professions & Clinical Sciences
5. Math and Statistics
6. Engineering Technologies

They showed that the following were jobs that were the most popular among college graduates and had the most entry level openings

– Customer Service
– Sales Representative
– Industrial Engineer
– Registered Nurse
– Accountant
– Physical Therapist
– Computer Support Specialist
– Retail Sales
– Medical or Health Services Manager
– Occupational Therapist

While you should not let money drive what major you choose, these statistics offer insight on how hard it may be for you to get a job when you have graduated.

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