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This Mother Says Modern Parents Are Destroying Their Children

By: Krystle Crossman

South Dakota mother Stephanie Metz wrote a passionate blog post about her children and how she was giving up on them. It sparked a lot of controversy but garnered a ton of support as well. She stated at the beginning of the blog that her children were not the center of her world as they were not the center of any world. She then told a story of how this world is destroying our children’s innocence and sense of imagination.

Her son had Show and Tell day at school. He was very excited to bring one of his favorite action figures that he has had for years. Along with this action figure came a small yellow object that he had always referred to as a drill. After some thought however he put his favorite toy back and told his mother that he would probably get in trouble for bringing it because the teacher would think it was a weapon. Metz could not believe her ears and began to think of what was happening to children in this day and age.

Metz states that her boys are typical young boys that like to play cops and robbers, play guns, and have a good time with their imaginations. Now it seems that they can’t even make a play gun with their fingers anymore because it will get them suspended from school. Our society has become so sensitive that young kids cannot have an imagination or an ounce of creativity anymore when it comes to playing because they are thought to be terrorists in the making, says the annoyed mother.

Metz speaks about bullying and how a bully used to be someone that would take your lunch money or put you in a locker. Now a bully is anyone that calls you any sort of name or looks at you the wrong way. There are real bullying problems out there that are very serious but they are overshadowed by the extreme sensitivity to those problems that are not actually bullying, according to Metz.

She says that “giving up” on her children is the only way that she can let them be themselves instead of catering to their every need. Her boys are respectful, know their manners, and are aware of all the rules that they need to follow but when they are at home they can play as they wish and let their imaginations run wild.

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