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Why You Should Stop Trying To Please Your Kids; Teach them Gratitude Instead

By: Krystle Crossman

Raising a child in a world of commercials, expensive toys, and lavish gifts seen on television can be tough. How do you give them treats every now and then but still teach them to be grateful and not greedy? Here are a few ways that you can help them.

1. Show them that giving to others is a fun experience. If there is a birthday coming up for a friend or family member, have them go shopping with you, give them a budget, and tell them to pick out something they know that person will really like. This will teach them that while they may not be able to afford the biggest and shiniest thing there are still a lot of great things that you can get.

2. Help them to distinguish the difference between something that is a want and something that is a need. Is that new toy something that they absolutely have to have or just something that they really want to have? Show them that need trumps want and to be wary before making purchases that you will regret later.

3. Show them that they need to work to earn their money. If they are younger give them chores to do. If they complete those chores they can have their allowance and if they don’t they don’t get paid. If they are old enough to work, have them get a part-time job. Once they get paid teach them about saving a portion of their earnings from every check to make sure that there is something set aside for a rainy day.

4. Have them help you to make a meal. They will see all of the hard work that goes into preparing dinner for the family. They will learn to be grateful instead of complaining that they don’t like dinner.

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