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The Amazing Benefits Of Your Kids Learning a 2nd Language

By: Krystle Crossman

Learning a new language is something that you should encourage your child to do while they are still young. There are so many benefits to being bilingual or multilingual. Here are some of the great reasons why knowing another language is so beneficial:

1. A study from the International Journal of Biligualism found that kids who knew more than one language had better problem solving skills than those of their peers who only knew one language.

2. As you age your mind stays sharp. A study from the Annals of Neurology showed that people who knew more than one language did better on cognitive tests later in life as opposed to their peers.

3. The Journal of Neuroscience conducted a study that showed that people who knew more than one language had an easier time adapting to sudden changes. They were able to think quickly, assess the situation, and come up with a solution.

4. Researchers at the University of Chicago found that when people needed to make important decisions it was often better when they knew another language and they were able to be rational about it. They were able to distance themselves from the problem at hand by speaking about it in another language and were able to gain a new perspective.

5. A study from Child Development showed that children who spoke more than one language had an easier time switching their focus from one thing to another when a change came about.

6. Research from the American Association for the Advancement of Science showed that those who were bi- or multilingual had a four to five year delay of signs of Alzheimer’s as opposed to those who were diagnosed and didn’t speak more than one language.

7. Scientific American reported that people who knew another language looked at words differently than their counterparts. They were able to recognize them much faster.

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2 thoughts on “The Amazing Benefits Of Your Kids Learning a 2nd Language

  1. Tom Washington, PhD

    I am 76, PhD in Spanish, with many years successful teaching experience in high schools, colleges and universities. I helped to develop a superior teaching method which enables people of all ages and backgrounds to learn a 2nd Language more easily, more rapidly, more completely, and with less effort. I have been blocked by the White establishment for 20 years from sharing my knowledge with teachers nationwide. I am available to meet with anyone—educators, parents/students, legislators, school boards, civic leaders, etc.—
    to give a free two-hour demonstration of the principles of effective language teaching. I can stay for a more extended period of time afterwards, if necessary, to work with teachers in depth. Teachers do not have to abandon their current teaching materials. They will learn how to use them more effectively. This is knowledge which any educated person should possess. I live in Minneapolis but am willing to travel to any state. I will be available after July 15.


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