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Teacher Fired After Locking Special Needs 8 Yr Old in Locker; Parent Suing

By: Krystle Crossman

A Brooklyn, NY mother discovered in late January that her son was being bullied in school. The bully wasn’t a child however. A teacher’s aide was the one that was torturing her special needs child. He had been putting the child in a locker and keeping him in there, sometimes for up to 15 minutes. The aide, Jeremy Turner, has since been fired but now the mother is filing a lawsuit against the city Department of Education.

Yaashia Harris is asking for $1 million from the Department of Education of NYC for the abuse of her son while he was somewhere that is supposed to be a safe place for him. The aide was charged with unlawful imprisonment, injuring a minor, and misdemeanor assault. The last time that the boy was put into a locker he ended up fracturing his ring finger because he was pounding on the door of the locker so hard.

Harris stated that the school didn’t do anything about this treatment. She said that there is no way that they didn’t know what was going on because her son would scream and bang against the locker door in fear for the entire 15 minutes that he was shut in there. She stated that this had been done to three other children as well. The reports from the school stated that the incident happened because he kicked a teacher and drew on his face with a marker.

The school had never done anything about this treatment of the students and they should be held just as accountable as the aide. Harris’s son is now in a different school and has been going through trauma therapy.

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