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Homeschoolers Are Pushing Back Against ‘Common Core’ Standards

By: Krystle Crossman

The Common Core educational standards have been met with strong opposition by parents, teachers, students, and home-school parents. Many feel that the government should not be in their child’s education. Christian home-school groups are fighting against the Common Core in large part because the new curriculum does not support Christian views at all. They are standing up in states all over the country and fighting to get rid of the Common Core standards. In some states they have been successful.

Home-school mother Jenni White and other Christian home-school parents came together to fight for the rights of their children. They lead the charge in Oklahoma and ended up being an integral part of the rejection of the standards by the state. Other states that have opted out are Louisiana, Virginia, Texas, and Indiana. More states are following in their lead and fighting against the new curriculum that attempts to nationalize education.

Louisiana Governor Billy Jindal recently said that they are worried about the lack of control that the parents and teachers have over their students’ education. Louisiana is the most recent state to opt out of the curriculum.

Many of the Christian home-school advocates are most worried about the new content and how it does not reflect the values that they wish to teach their children at home. Some of the most worrisome topics for them are evolution and human s*xuality. The Home School Legal Defense Associates (HSLDA) are trying as hard as they can to protect those values that parents wish to teach that are not included in the Common Core. One advocate states that the government didn’t think this through well enough and probably didn’t realize that such a large backlash was coming. That is what happens when you take control away instead of giving more of it.

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One thought on “Homeschoolers Are Pushing Back Against ‘Common Core’ Standards

  1. Ms Force

    I would like to know more about homeschooling m daughter and I would like to be connected with people and organizations here as well as in the town I am living in Columbus Ga. I am very displeased with what my daughter has had to experience with the public schools here.
    Thank you


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