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Don’t Tell Kids They Are Smart Plus Other Ways To Improve Their Success

By: Krystle Crossman

Having a child who is successful in life is something that most parents strive for. We want our children to be great no matter what path they choose in life. Here are some ways that you can help them while they are young so that they can find success in whatever they do:

1. Teach them to look for the deeper meaning in things. Instead of jumping right to a conclusion about something, show them how to ask questions that will help them understand. Show them that they should look at all of the different aspects of the situation. Is the person involved biased in any way?

2. Don’t praise them for being smart, praise them for being hard-working. If you continue to tell them that they have done a great job and that they must be really smart, they will feel as if they are not smart when they come across something they can’t figure out. Instead when they solve a hard problem or complete a difficult task tell them that they did a great job and must have worked very hard.

3. Show them how certain situations that they may come across during school time could apply to them in real life. They will be able to make a deeper connection with the problem and will have an easier time finding a solution.

4. When you are together with your child show them that there are things to be curious about in the world. Tell them about your day and what interesting things you have come across. Tell them about something new that you learned during the day and have them tell you the same. This will help them to become more curious to learn through the day.

5. Make sure that you teach them how to solve a problem with critical thinking as opposed to memorizing a formula or technique. This will give them the ability to solve whatever problem that comes their way.

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