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Black Kids Kicked out Of White District; Sent Back To Failing Schools

By: Krystle Crossman

Minority students from Saint Louis who were enjoying a great education may now have to go back to their failing schools that they transferred out of due to a Missouri law that was met with a lot of controversy. The Missouri Supreme Court passed a ruling last summer that let students that were in schools with poor education to transfer to better schools in other districts in order to get a better educational experience. Unfortunately part of the stipulation was that their old schools had to pay the new schools for the children that transferred over.

The Normandy Schools in Saint Louis have been all but wiped out after having to cover the expenses of transferring their students. They were responsible for any transfer costs, tuitions, and transportation. Being that the Normandy Schools are in a low-income area they did not have enough to cover the amount of students that were transferred over. They have asked the state for supplemental funding so that they could continue to help get better educations for their students. For this past school year they paid $10.4 million in transfer costs.

There have been different attempts by legislature to ease the costs and pressures for these low-income schools but so far none have been successful. They are now proposing a rebranding of the district. The schools will still be the same as well as the area that they serve, but they will be covered under the transfer law as they will be an accredited school district.

The Francis-Howell district stated that the 400 students that had transferred to its schools stated that they were not welcome back next year. They feel that transferring students from schools that are unaccredited to ones that are is a detriment to the other students that are already in the schools. They also feel that the money that is being spent for transfer costs could be better spent fixing the schools that they already have instead of shipping students off to other schools.

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One thought on “Black Kids Kicked out Of White District; Sent Back To Failing Schools

  1. Sister Denise Shabazz

    Black Parents should not push their children in any environment where they are not wanted. What they need to do is come together,Organize,Create an Agenda based on the Educational Needs of their Children. They need to take control of the schools within their districts by Creating a Strong Parent Community Organization, contact their Principle, School Board Representative,City Hall Rep in their district, and their State Legislator. This type scenario is playing out all over America especially where our Black babies attend school. We are going to have to make some demands, and discontinue being so pacified and lazy, waiting for someone else to do for your children,what we should be doing.. Another Solution, and I feel is the best one;and that is they can Home School their children. I suggest doing it as a group, it is much easier on everyone that way. This is the most effective way(for now) for Black parents to witness the greatness in our Children. Black Children will never learn their Rich Heritage, and the Greatness of their Past attending the Schools of our Enemy. They will only continue to be taught Self Hatred,and how to maintain a Slave Mind. Separation is a MUST!!


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