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Utah 6 Yr Old Wins Grammar School Spelling Bee

By: Krystle Crossman

While most kindergarten students are learning how to read and sound out one syllable words, 6 year-old Ali Kazim is winning spelling bees. He competed in his school spelling bee against other students from kindergarten through third grade. He said that the first few words were easy, like “tag”. He didn’t even break a sweat when the words became more difficult. His winning word was “sapphire”.

Kazim is in kindergarten at Eastlake Elementary in South Jordan, Utah. When he was asked if he liked kindergarten he said yes, but he should be in first grade because he already passed that level. He will be attending an accelerated program next year so that he doesn’t get bored in school because it is too easy for him. Usually at this age children have a limited amount of words that they know how to spell but not Kazim. His father said that he knows how to spell over 600 words at this point. Many are easier words but then there are words like “anthromorphic”. Kazim doesn’t know what the bigger words mean but he certainly can spell them!

During an interview with a local news station Kazim said that he hoped to one day win the National Spelling Bee. His reasons were because you win a lot of money and a trophy. He already has four trophies and three medals in his collection. He also likes that everyone in the school knows who he is. He says that when you win the spelling bee, everyone knows you. One of his teachers stated that he is a very happy and cute kid and that it is amazing to watch him continue to do so well.

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