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Home-school Guru Exposes Some Parents

By: Krystle Crossman

Home-schooling your child or children is a full-time job. When you are done with school work the chores and other household odds and ends need to be completed. How are you supposed to have any kind of a life like this? Do you have a life? Home-school guru Penelope Trunk asks these simple questions:

1. Are you a home-school preacher? Do you preach to every person that you know about home-schooling and why it is so great for children? Not everyone will share the same views as you about teaching children at home. When you find one of these people and start to preach to them as if it were a religion, it may be time to go out and get a life.

2. Are your thoughts for the day overrun by your children? If you have stopped thinking about the goals that you want to achieve and have started only thinking about the goals that you want your children to set for themselves you may not have a life. Your every waking moment is spent thinking about the children and what is good for them. Most mothers who work don’t worry about this as much because they have a place to go to think about other things. When you home-school you are with your children all day long. The only things that you end up thinking about are how you are going to teach them that day, what they need for lunch, how you are driving them to different sports every day, and who needs some goals to look forward to.

3. Does your personal life stay hidden behind your doors? There are always funny little anecdotes that pop up in conversations except for yours. You feel that you need to lock your personal life away and never bring it back out because you think that people will judge you. If you want to remain as “perfect” in the eyes of others, you can’t have a very fulfilling life.

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