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Give Your Kids Junk Food: Here’s Why

By: Krystle Crossman

We all try to avoid introducing our children to junk food because it is bad for them right? Instead of potato chips with their sandwich at lunch we tell them that fruit is a much healthier option and chips are bad for you. All sweets are locked away and under careful supervision so that your kids cannot have any. Is this doing more harm than good?

Charlotte Markey who is a psychology professor from Rutgers University states that you should let your children have junk food. Now before you jump to conclusions, hear her reasoning out. Let’s say that you are in a store and you are told that you absolutely cannot have that one bottle of perfume that you have smelled for months on end. It is the best scent out there but someone is telling you that it is bad for you and that you can’t have it. What does that do to you? Does it make you think differently about your favorite perfume or do you buy it anyway because someone has told you that you can’t?

Now think about a child in that position. If you go out to eat and your child sees everyone else eating macaroni and cheese or a big juicy burger but you force them to eat a salad they are going to develop cravings. Once the cravings start it is hard to control and your child will be more and more inclined to grab as much junk food as possible. Studies have shown that children who are deprived of junk are more likely to binge on it when they are older. They are the ones that are more likely to become overweight as well.

While you shouldn’t be giving your child all the junk food that they want, let them have a little. Make them understand that it is a “sometimes” food and not an everyday food. Show them what foods are good for them and what they should eat every day. This will help them to develop a healthy relationship with food.

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3 thoughts on “Give Your Kids Junk Food: Here’s Why

  1. wayne ray smith

    This was a good article. It made me think of the term Parental Guidance in the movie rating system. When my kids were growing up I used to be very strict on television. If the content was not what I deemed appropriate, I would not allow them to watch it. One day I had what some might call an epiphany concerning this. I realized that at some point in their life, it would be too late to give them the proper guidance regarding some issues and subjects. What happens when they are finally on their own, and they have had no instruction from me or my wife regarding some specific issues? Also, In this case, they never would have had a chance to ask us questions about it.

  2. Carole McDonnell

    Generally, if you keep your child away from junk food early on, when they try it…they find it too salty, too sweet. Junk food is pretty poisonous and have addictive neurotoxins and excitotixins… so the whole idea of letting your kid eat something because they may crave the forbidden is a big leap and a training of their taste buds. If one hasn’t been taught to eat the wrong foods, tasting them can be very off-putting. And parents who don’t give their kids fast food are often quite adept in the kitchen at making sweet snacks. Healthy parents are often way more skilled at creating sweet natural snacks than people who simply buy snacks at the local deli. Some kids may have the old forbidden fruit syndrome, but others like pleasing or imitating their parents. .

  3. Shaniqua

    Thank you Carole! A woman with some sense. Would be cool to be neighbors! I show my 3 year old photos of baby teeth with cavities and he was aptly horrified. Catering to junk food cravings is doing no one any favors. My kids bones and not my wallet either. I let him only have home made treats that I and my friends make. Last week my friend made marshmallows from honey and gelatin and those were so good! Typically marshmallows taste like chemicals to me and I never liked them, but I love my friends version. With a good palate and home made treats no need to by that chemical laden crap!


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