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Math: Here is Why You Don’t Need to Teach it

By: Krystle Crossman

One of the most stressful subjects for home-school parents and students alike is math. It can be frustrating and can be the cause of some big fights between you and your child. So why bother? Do you really need to teach math? The simple fact is that you really do not need to spend that much time on math. Here are five reasons why:

1. Kids that are good at math will pick up on it whether they spend a lot of time with it or not. They will want to learn at their own pace. This causes them to figure out problems on their own. There was a 16 year-old that figured out how to solve math problems that were 350 years-old. His parents didn’t teach him how to do that. He went off on his own and figured out some very hard problems.

2. Math teaches kids how to think in a new way. If you teach them to learn one problem and memorize that formula over and over they will not learn how to critically think. Let them figure out how to solve the problem on their own so that they can find new ways of thinking critically.

3. Kids will get curious and want to learn math on their own without having it forced on them. It is the same with reading. This may not be true for all children but most will ask to learn it if it has not been taught already.

4. The best way to learn math is to learn it “on the job”. There are times when you will need math and what better time to learn than when you are in the situation. Take your child to get an ice cream truck and give them $10. Have them figure out the change or how many ice creams they can get with that money. This is a skill that they can use in many different aspects of their lives.

5. Teach the basics. Do not deviate too far from basic math unless your child wants to and is curious about it. This will only frustrate the both of you if you move too quickly. In order to be able to learn more advanced levels of math you need to have a good foundation.

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2 thoughts on “Math: Here is Why You Don’t Need to Teach it

  1. Cat

    If like to know the authors qualification and background for writing such a nonsens piece I garbage. Stop teaching kids math and/or reading because “they’ll eventually pick it up, or will be naturally curious to learn”. Then tell me why we have an entire generation of young people who have little basic knowledge of facts, can’t do simple math like make change or perform critical thinking skills up to par with their peers. Not teaching and exposing our kids to anything and everything available to help them grow, learn and be employable is detrimental to our already crumbling communities and educational suicide. This article is pathetic and undermines the hard work of teachers AND students.


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