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Obama To Take On Education Inequality; Poor and Minority kids To Benefit

By: Krystle Crossman

One of the biggest issues in the public school systems today is the access that kids get to great teachers. Many children that are in lower economic classes than others do not have access to the good teachers and so they find it hard to keep up with their peers. President Obama and his administration will be announcing its plans to put a federal mandate in place that would give all students access to the best teachers no matter their ethnicity or socioeconomic status.

“Excellent Educators for All” aims to give students of all classes and all races the best education possible by ensuring that they have access to more qualified educators. There are three different parts to this initiative. The first one requires all of the states to submit proposals on how they plan to give minority and low-income better teachers in the classrooms. These proposals must be submitted by April of 2015.

The purpose of bringing this mandate to life is to comply with the No Child Left Behind Act which was put into place when President Bush was in office. It stated that no child shall have less qualified teachers than other children because of class or what their race is. Unfortunately this act has been ignored and never strictly enforced. The Obama Administration is hoping to change that.

National surveys and studies have shown that students who are in minorities or in low-income schools are twice as likely to have a teacher that is not properly certified in even basic subjects. This is an unfair disadvantage to the students that cannot choose their school or their race.

There is a waiver that is offered to the states in the country that will help them to be exempt from the No Child Left Behind law. The requirements are that they have certification testing for the teachers and competence testing as well to ensure that the teachers that the schools have are good for the students. Most of the states have applied for this waiver at the moment.

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3 thoughts on “Obama To Take On Education Inequality; Poor and Minority kids To Benefit

  1. Allen Shaw

    Read this article thoughtfully – stop and think! Read this article thoughtfully stop and think!

    If anyone believes that the best of teachers are going to be assigned to the poorest and most needy students – You are to be forgiven!

    If you are poor and or living in an impoverished area – you better work a lot harder helping your children instead of believing in magic!

    The best teachers are going where the money is and the money will never filter down to the bottom classes! This, in the end is a local community board decision; the US Government can only establish high level goals!

    Take all government money out of Charter Schools, Home Schools and any other schools except the Public School System, do away with tenure for teachers, grade teachers on their performance,some type of teacher evaluation by educators others than the supervisor is suggested. allow local teacher boards to evaluate the students’ progress that are within their environment, at all levels!
    Finally, stop changing the teaching methods every time a new Administration comes into office.

  2. yvonne

    I agree with most of Allen’s suggestion, but there does need to be a way to protect teacher’s rights, as there are many administrators who make unfair, bias decisions against teachers. In addition, black and brown teachers have been targeted and pushed out of the current school system systematically (due to the push to privatize education and expand charter schools)and that must stop. Children need diversity in the teaching staff and need to have black and brown teachers as well as teachers from other ethnic backgrounds, as it strengthens their own sense of self when they are guided by those that reflect their culture and physical characteristics.


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