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Wow: 8th Graders Get Record Contract With Sony For $1.7 Million

By: Krystle Crossman

What were you doing when you were 13 years old? Probably complaining about being grounded or worrying about the big school dance that was coming up. Brooklyn residents Malcom Brickhouse (13), Alec Atkins (13), and Jarad Dawkins (12) were busy signing a contract with Sony Records. The heavy metal trio started performing in Times Square. They were then picked up by Sony for a two-record contract.

In 2012 the drummer for Eric Clapton, Steve Jordan, saw the boys playing in Washington Square Park. After he discovered them they began touring around the country. They opened for Guns N Roses, will be on the main stage at Coachella, and even have a spot on the Warped Tour, then they were picked up by Sony.

The contract had to be approved by the Manhattan Supreme Court due to their ages but that was no problem. The contract includes a guarantee of two albums, $60,000 up front, and a possible $350,000 advance on the second album if all goes well. They gave the band the possibility of a contract for four more albums as well which could end up netting the boys $1.7 million in signing bonuses and advances.

While the signing bonuses are great, it will be a long road to net the 16-17% in royalties that the contract includes. They will only be earning these royalties after the first 250,000 albums are sold. Their manager, Alan Sacks, said that this is a great opportunity to change the face of heavy metal. The genre is generally dominated with all-white groups so the fact that these teens who are all black were signed means a lot.

The group’s name is Unlocking the Truth. On top of signing the deal with Sony they are also having a documentary made about their incredible journey as well as a book deal. Dawkins’ mother stated that great things keep happening but the boys know that schoolwork comes first and if they don’t continue to obtain good grades, they don’t play.

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One thought on “Wow: 8th Graders Get Record Contract With Sony For $1.7 Million

  1. Travis

    I wonder how Artist development is going to go for these Young-ins??? Since you have to be Initiated into WORLD of Wicca in the Background of the Military Industrial Complex exhibit known as Music/Entertainment Industry???


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