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Practice Makes Perfect…Except When it Comes to Education

By: Krystle Crossman

Practice makes perfect. That is what we are told over and over again. New studies are showing that practice only makes perfect in certain things but does not help in others. Once you are already good at something you don’t need to practice, but you do need to practice to get to the point where you are good at the activity you are engaging in. One very important area where practice will not help you is with your education or your child’s education. You may be thinking that this is incorrect and that practicing lesson plans is the only way that your child is going to learn but here is the reason why this does not work.

Education is ever-changing. There are always new things to be learned and new ways to learn them. Every day in school there is something new that your child will need to focus their attention on. This is one of the reasons that practice is no good for educational purposes. Studying for a test isn’t considered practice as it is not something that you do over and over again on the same topic. For example, if your child says that they have a math test coming up and need to study for it they will open a book and work on some of the problems. However the next week they will be on something completely different so practice at this point really would not make much of a difference.

If a child is learning a skill to enrich their lives outside of school such as music, practicing regularly is the way to go. The songs that they play will always remain the same so they can keep practicing until they know how to play it.

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