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Why You Should Forget Everything You Know About Math, School, and Video Games

By: Krystle Crossman

When you make the decision to home-school your child you need to remember that you are bringing them home to give them a different learning experience. You don’t want to mimic school curriculums and lessons. One of the hardest things about home-schooling is training your brain to forget what you know about school and go your own way with it. Blogger Penelope Trunk gives suggestions on what you need to change your thinking on:

1. Think about why school is around in the first place. Trunk says that when she looked up the reason for public schools she realized that they have not been able to adapt for today’s children. Originally schools were developed to teach children discipline, educational basics, and the core values of the original founders. Today that is not possible as children are all raised with different values and ideals.

2. Do you remember when you were in school and you used to wonder when you would ever use trigonometry or statistics? When you home-school your child you can teach them math that they will actually use. Think about your daily life and what type of math you use. What do you do to balance a checkbook? How do you figure out how much of a discount you are getting when you are shopping and find something that is on sale? Focus on these basic math skills that your children will need and help them to master these skills. They will need to know math for when they are grown but unless they are going into a field where math is prominent such as engineering or physics, there are certain topics that they do not need to learn just yet. You can add in more skills as they grow and become interested.

3. Finally clear your brain of anything that you think you know about video games. There is a book called “Everything Bad is Good For You” written by Stephen Johnson. It speaks about how if video games were introduced before books we would have an issue with books when they entered our lives. We would say that they were antiquated and simple. Video games and electronics are interactive. Parents should be more worried about the content in the games that their children are playing than the fact that they are using electronics in the first place.

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