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School Principal Writes Complaint Letter To a Mom For [email protected]

By: Krystle Crossman

[email protected] in public is a hot button issue right now. There are women who state that it is a natural thing and is just how babies eat. They are not afraid to do it in public places because they see nothing wrong with it. Then there are others who feel that [email protected] is something that should be done in privacy so that others do not have to see it. There is no one right or wrong side in this argument, but one principal made his feelings on the subject clear when he wrote a letter to one of the mothers of a student in his school.

Andrea Scannell from Utah went to lunch with her kids one day at Mount Logan Middle School during a program that they held. Her infant child was hungry and so she fed the baby. She didn’t think that it was that big of a deal until she received a letter from the principal telling her that she needed to feed the baby discretely. The letter starts by thanking her for participating in the program but then goes right into how multiple people that are there for the program as well have expressed concerns about how she chose to feed her child in the school.

Through the letter the principal is very cordial and explains the situation. He states that while he understands the importance of [email protected] a child and thinks that it is a beautiful thing for a mother to do, he hopes that she will be more discrete. He goes on to state that there are children of all ages that are attending this event as well as parents with very different views and beliefs. He said that if his child were there he would be concerned about the child being exposed to that as well. He asks her simply to use a small blanket or find a more private area to feed the baby and that there were people to help her find such an area if she needed it.

Scannell said that the letter was shaming and bullying and the reason that so many women are afraid to [email protected] their child in public. She has gained many supporters over this incident.

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15 thoughts on “School Principal Writes Complaint Letter To a Mom For [email protected]

  1. Lauren Grant

    If the letter was cordial I see nothing wrong with what the principle did or said. He was simply expressing the views and concerns of other parents. Yes its natural however not everyone sees it that way so instead of pushing or forcing ur views on others simply cover up and just keep the peace. They made those converlets for a reason. Use them. How hard is it to do that?

  2. Neena Bell-Johnson

    Oh PLEASE, what she is doing is a healthy and normal thing; even for female HUMANs.
    A young couple in their early twenties here in NC is going to jail, just because they did not have money to buy formula for their newborn. Only feed the newborn WATER for five (5) days, baby started convulsions. Now, only if she was Breastfeed the child, they would not had that problem. But young ppl do not think that way.
    I breastfeed All four (4) of my children pasted nine months, would have done it longer, but they grew teeth.

  3. Tavia

    This is ridiculous I breastfed all of my children starting 1994. My cousin’s also did as well as numerous aunts and my step mom. We all had to do so in public we covered up with a blanket there is nothing bullying or demeaning about it. Furthermore, what is good for you and your family is good for them everyone does not raise the children the same way nor should you expect them to subject their children to something they do not agree with the same way that you would not expect your children to be subject to something you do not agree with.

  4. ReecesQueen

    Breastfeeding really, he probably have parents that come everyday with their asses out. I would’ve mailed his letter right back to him and told him to go straight to hell!

  5. Donna Sayles-Corbin

    Being that she was taking her baby with her. she knew that eventually the baby Swould get hungry. WTF are bottles made for.? I am a woman with 3 grown kids. I understand women wanting to breastfeed. But there are also people who don’t mind you breastfeeding, we just don’t want to see it. I think some of these women only do it to see if they get a rise out of someone. if breastfeeding your baby is sooooo important to you and yours, feed them at home before coming out in public. If they get hungry again, have a bottle of breast ilk ready for them. It’s THAT simple.

  6. Corbin

    Wow. The word “bullying” has really taken on a new meaning since I was a child. People actually pay attention when that word is mentioned. How times have changed.

    @Topic – I think she should have expressed her milk earlier and used a bottle. The principal was correct about different people having different views, so in order to keep everyone “happy”, she should have fed using a bottle. This is 2014 and we have several options.

    I think this woman knew exactly what she was doing. The principal played right into her hands. She knew someone was going to mention it somewhere, sometime soon. Now she is in the spotlight (just like she planned it) and she wants to cry foul. This was a planned event and she should have brought a couple of bottles along. But no, she decides to breast feed in front of everyone without a blanket or towel. Out of respect for everyone, she could have at least covered herself. The principal in no way bullied this woman. He waited until after the event and he wrote her a letter. If he wanted to bully her, he would have thrown her out of this event right then and there.

    I have a feeling that this woman is not going to let this rest. She has a point to prove. She seems like the type that just wants someone to say something about her breast feeding so that she can “be heard” and possibly capitalize on the situation while doing so.

    I am on the principal’s side on this one.

  7. deloris

    I am a breastfeed person. I am in my sixties and find nothing wrong with breastfeeding. This is how the creator designed our bodies to feed our young. If you look at other animals they do not hide when feeding their young.

    As humans we have lost what it is to be human. Let her feed her child, you will be happy later when that child enter school. She/he will be very healthy because it is taking mothers milk. Less infections. They do not tend to be obese. The list goes on. And other people especially the young will know how babies are really feed.

  8. Rose

    She was well within her legal rights to breast feed. Most breastfed babies DO NOT take bottles. It may not be have been an option for her to bottle feed. Should could have covered up but she didn’t find that comfortable for her or baby. Would you be comfortable eating with a blanket over your head?

  9. Beth McC

    The mother was 100% correct in [email protected] her infant while at the program. This is a wonderful healthy way to feed an infant, and it would help us all if school children were exposed to the sight and be taught that this is a perfectly natural, normal way to feed a child. I never ate with a blanket over my head and I never covered my babies’ heads while they nursed. I nursed in church, at an air show, in fast food restaurants, and so on. Eating is not a private matter unless you opt to eat alone. This shaming should stop. The principal was promoting illegal discrimination against nursing mothers and infants. Many children are never exposed to breastfeeding and when they have babies, they don’t even explore the option for themselves. This is very sad. If any child or adult reacts to the nursing mother, he or she should be informed about the natural aspect and told not to s*xualize the infant’s feeding method.

    • Db

      No. I chose not to breastfeed my daughter and feel you are infringing on my rights when you expose your body in public. People are arrested for indecent exposure for exposing themselves. Breast feeding is a choice but when I’m in a restaurant eating my food, I don’t want some woman pulling out her breast. Everyone has rights and those of us that are offended should not be made to feel bad because we feel you should cover it up. Just because it’s a beautiful thing for you does not mean it is for me. Also, unless they are your own children, they should not be exposed to it. We cry foul when horrific sex acts are committed and wonder where children get ideas. Could public exposure help perpetuate the situation. Makes you wonder doesn’t it.

  10. Beth McC

    PS Corbin – do you eat with a blanket or towel over your head? It is not easy to express milk and keep it fresh. A female breast provides the perfect temperature and container. Get over yourself. Nobody has to please everybody: the LAW states it is legal to feed the baby when s/he needs to be fed, and anywhere. And believe me, it would seem less salacious if MORE women bravely nursed their babies in public and it became more commonplace!! “Someplace more private” sounds like a euphemism for a bathroom… another common suggestion. I do not eat in bathrooms, and would NEVER feed my children in a bathroom unless we were taking shelter form a tornado. Breastfeeding is not shameful, embarrassing, or rude. Mothers prefer to nurse with minimum fuss… I never for a minute believe this mom planned to create a scene. And babies who may be content may need to be nursed before anticipated. And believe me, storing the expressed milk safely cold is a pain, as is trying to find somewhere to heat it at a school function… talk about disruptive! As a society we should be doing everything we can to support nursing mothers everywhere.

  11. charles

    You can guess she was black and unmarried. If she had been married she probably would have had more self respect and secure in her person.

  12. SheilaB.

    Damn Charles, your comment was the worse of them all. . . “You can guess she was black and unmarried . . ” What does her race and marital status have to do with feeding her infant? You sound like all unmarried black women are savages who will do anything in public without regard for themselves or others around them.

    There have been plenty of white unmarried as well as married women who have been ostracized for breastfeeding in public places without regard for those around them. More women are breastfeeding for the health of their children not for public approval.

    I think the mother should have removed herself or covered up, whether it was convenient for her or not. If you start out covering yourself and the baby’s head while feeding the child will tolerate it. In my opinion, the female breast is a private body part that should not be pulled out in public for any reason – especially in a school setting where other people’s children can easily be exposed to the breastfeeding process are who may not have ever been aware of breastfeeding at all. Exposing yourself in public when other people’s children are around, in my opinion, was wrong — this sort of things is a parental preference and we cannot decide for other parents what they should or should not discuss with their children.

    In my opinion, a woman’s breast should not be shown to everyone and anyone who happens to be around them at any given time, unless it is the infant you are feeding, your husband, lover, or significant other. In my opinion exposing your breast in public for any reason is the same as a man pulling out his penis to urinate in a public setting because he thinks urinating is a healthy thing to do.

    The women of my generation who breastfed had the respect to cover themselves or feed in a private location and I am not referring to a public bathroom either. If this event was held at the school, I am sure there was a classroom or office close by where the mother could have taken her child. There is always an alternative action that can be taken to maintain your personal preference and uphold your dignity. I have nothing against breastfeeding – I do have a problem with people who think they can do whatever suits them no matter how anyone around them may or may not be affected by their actions. Breastfeeding mothers need to follow or create breastfeeding etiquette that would allow them to maintain the healthy effects of breastfeeding their infants as well as allowing the mother to keep her dignity and decorum intact.

    Not everyone should see our breast while feeding your infant. And comparing breastfeeding to regular eating is not correct either. Breastfeeding involves the breast and should be done in a private setting.

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