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Why Grades Don’t Matter For Home-schoolers

By: Krystle Crossman

When you home-school your child part of the reason to home-school is to break away from traditional school rules. Some of the differences include learning times, learning styles, and the lesson plans. One of the biggest differences is grade levels. Sarah Small is a home-school writer for the blog Simple Homeschool. She goes through the different reasons that grade levels should not be a part of the home-school routine and why.

One of the most common questions that children are asked through their lifetime is what grade level they are in. When they answer that they aren’t sure or that they don’t know it may cause some alarm with those who are asking the question. Everyone is so used to the traditional grade level system that it is strange to hear that a child is not in a specific grade level. They are not as important with home-schooling as they are in public schooling. The lesson plans are different and your child may be ahead of their peers with certain subjects and may be behind their peers in other due to how they are taught and what subjects interest them more than others.

The best part about not placing a child in a grade level is that they get to learn at their own pace. If they struggle in math they don’t get left behind or fail. They have time to work on it and truly master it. If they are excellent in some things such as reading, they can work as quickly at it as they wish. They may be 8 years old and read at a college level. Not having to be pushed into one grade or another takes some of the pressure off of learning and gives them the chance to master everything that they are learning.

Small recalled how her son skipped math grade levels easily. She said that once they had learned the math concepts in the 4th grade level book were the same as the 3rd grade book and that there was very little that was new in the 4th grade level book, so they skipped it. She then realized that the 6th grade book was the same as the 5th grade book, so they skipped it. Before she knew it her 10 year old was learning pre-algebra. This is one of the beauties of home-schooling. There is no limit to how far a child can go when they excel in a subject. They are not held back by having to learn the same thing over and over again or waiting for other children to catch up.

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