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Who Are You To Correct My Child? | Devin Robinson

By Devin Robinson

We’ve all heard “It takes a village to raise a child”. This way of life was developed by our preceding generations. Relatives or not, adults all watched over the children of our community. Today, we have complained for not having that same ideology in place but do we really want that? What we seem to really want is “It takes a village to PRAISE a child”. Follow me for a moment.

Our discontent for, especially non-relative, adults’ interaction with our children is only voiced or contested when an adult corrects, chastises our children or put them in a character-building situation. Our voice is often silent in times when these same adults praise, or even over-praise our child(ren). So the issue is not that we don’t want other adults interacting with our children whatsoever, we only want them to show up during the upside.

With 86% of all children attending schools outside of the home, 34% of them participating in extracurricular activities, 50% of marriages ending in divorce (with 62% of those persons remarrying), 73% of black children being born out of wedlock, and with the black community being the most religious group of all, our children are expected to end up in Sunday School without their parents. Our children are prone to interact with non-relative adults who are in authority as they grow up.

The problem is we have evolved into a parental regime who views our children as our property, rather than separate people with separate visions, dreams, missions and ambitions. We protect them as if we are protecting our cars. We believe that a scratch on our children will make them ugly, rather than make them better.

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