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Many Of Us Still Believe These Lies We Learned In Kindergarten

By: Krystle Crossman

When we are young we are lied to. We are lied to a lot by our parents. They tell us that Santa was the one that put the gifts under the trees, that the Easter bunny hid the eggs in the yard, and the new baby was brought by a stork. As we grow older we understand that these are just childhood fantasies but there are certain lies that writers Todd Van Luling and Amanda Scherker say stick with us as we grow:

1. Life is not all princes and princesses. There are no castles or white knights riding in on their valiant steed to rescue you from the perils of the world. The real world is filled with peril, struggle, and pain. There is still love and happiness at the end of it all for many however.

2. Cavemen lived outside of the caves, not inside. They used the inside of the caves as a shelter but their primary dwellings were outside.

3. Your eyes are safe. Sitting too close to the television will not harm them. There has never been solid scientific evidence to prove this theory. There also is no evidence that reading lights and dim lights cause eye issues. Unfortunately if you do have issues with your eye, carrots are not going to help you.

4. The North Pole is actually the South Pole and the South Pole is really the North Pole. Geographically the South Pole points to the North and then the North points to the South.

5. No matter what any studies from Universities say, you only have five senses.

6. There are more than seven colors in the rainbow. Unfortunately when you are looking at a rainbow it is against a brighter colored sky and a lot of the colors are desaturated. We are able to see millions of colors but since the rainbow is not against a black background we can only see a select few.

7. We have all heard the phrase “blind as a bat”. This is not true. Bats can see really well. They see better at night and are able to pick out small insects.

8. Does gum really take years to digest? No, it does not. It takes the same 30-120 minutes to go through the digestive tract just like any other food. The only problem is that it is still sticky and could make other foods stick together.

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