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Why Every Home-school Must Included a Lot of Play and Exercise

By: Krystle Crossman

Do you notice that your child lacks focus when you are trying to teach a lesson? You may be thinking that they are not getting enough sleep but it also could be that they are not getting enough exercise. When they do not move around enough during the day their mind can become clouded. It is important to include daily exercise with their home-schooling lessons. This doesn’t mean that you need to do an aerobics class or bring them to the gym but instead let them run around and play for a bit.

Do you remember having recess when you were in school? One of the main reasons for this time was so that kids could get outside daily, run around, and have their minds refreshed and ready to go. After a period of physical inactivity such as when they are sitting down and doing lessons their minds being to get bored and they will lose focus. They will start to fidget and train their focus elsewhere because they are itching to move. Take time during your day when home-schooling and let them go outside to run around. You can do so many different things such as taking a walk, going on a hike, playing a game of tag in the yard, or playing a short game of something like kickball. As long as they are up and moving that is what matters.

Not only is the exercise good for their mind but it is good for their sleep cycle as well. The more exercise they get during the day the more tired they will be at night and will have a more restful sleep. This will impact them the next day as they will wake up refreshed and ready to learn as opposed to being overly tired. While they are out playing you may be tempted to only let them out for a certain time and that is it. Try to let them decide, within reason, when play time is done. Setting limits for them can cause doesn’t help to teach them about the freedom of choice. When they are done playing they will be ready to sit and learn again.

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