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Detroit Packing 100 Kindergarteners Into One Class as “Experiment”

By: Krystle Crossman

The Brenda Scott Academy of Theater Arts in Detroit is experimenting with their classrooms to see if they can give their children a better education than what they are getting now. The school is in a low-income area. They have also been flagged as one of the lowest performing schools in their area. They have an extended school calendar that is lasting until August 7th because they need to try and get the kids up to speed with their peers.

In February they decided that they were going to combine three of their kindergarten classrooms and teach 100 children together in the same room. They break them down into smaller groups depending on their abilities so that they are learning with other children who are at the same speed that they are. It seems like this would not work well as there are only three teachers in this one room of 100 children but amazingly somehow the teachers are able to spend more time individually with each of the students.

The Education Achievement Authority is watching over this “Kindergarten Hub” to ensure that the children are learning and that the program is working as intended. One of the chancellors from the EAA, Mary Esselman, said that the model of the program is to get the kids to learn individually. She also said that they do not expect that all of the kids will be learning the same things at the same times. Marques Stewart, the principal of the school, says that other models have shown that smaller classrooms work but for some reason this larger model is defying that logic.

It is still unclear as to how the larger classroom setting is actually working but time may tell. The program has only been running for a few months which is not enough time at this point to tell how and why the hub is working. If this project has good results it could be a good thing for the EAA as they have been under fire for the last few years for the number of schools under their care that are low-performing.

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4 thoughts on “Detroit Packing 100 Kindergarteners Into One Class as “Experiment”

  1. 3d2002

    This is terrible!!! Are parents at this school actually co signing on this? I want to follow this story. I am so hurt that this is happening. Parents pull your children out and take them else where if you can’t home school.

  2. Pissed Off

    It has been scientifically proven by other psychologists and child care experts that the less children in a class the more a teacher can provide attention and educate the children. By labeling something that produces failure and they know full well this causes a herd effect in children. Instead of gaining interpersonal relationship skills with a teacher in close settings what this is training for Prison. Call it what it is and stop beating around the bush. Only in Prison are hundreds of people put together with different levels of treatment and expected to learn the same things and perform the same tasks. If a child doesn’t know how to read you do not put them in the same class with someone who does and call it an experiment. You are setting the children who can’t read up for ridicule and the ones who can possibly trying to dumb themselves down to fit in with the majority or more dominant stronger children. This is a complete fail and goes against everything they teach professional educators. But only when it come to Black People do people silently sit around and let this happen. They might as well re-name this school to The Future Convicts of America.

  3. Thelma Williams

    How in the Holy name of Goddess can 100 children packed in one room be superior to smaller class room size and more space to move? I don’t think this is going to be successful in the short let alone the long run.Detroit is in major trouble all the way around.Please consider the impact on these young children’s life.Nutrition, nurturing,socialization, peer interaction then phonics,hand eye motor coordination skills and toys to enforce such.Listening skills are very important as well as critical thinking skills,writing skills and learning to read.Thesechildren need so much that 3 teachers and packed space is not going to provide.

  4. Hiroader2

    Don’t you like it when “fairy tales ” come true?… If the Detroit parents don’t. care or believe this crap, then I got two twin buildings in (NYC) I want to sell them…. First thing, they needed to find the (mastermind(s) and have them give exact reference & details asto why this scheme will miraculously do wonders for their little colored children after years of teachers complaining their class were to large…


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