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Dr Umar Johnson: How to break your kids away from the public school system

Are you sick and tired of the public school system?  Well, join the crowd, because there are millions of other parents out there just like you.  America is falling behind in many key categories because we haven’t trained the next generation of scientists and engineers to be as capable as those in other countries.

Don’t let your kids fall behind.  Look at the homeschooling option as an alternative that may work for you and your family.

An ever growing number of thoughtful parents are concerned about the status of public schools in many cities across North America. At the same time, a good number of families are struggling to make ends meet. They simply do not have excess funds available to send their children to private schools.

One solution that many families are embracing is home schooling. With each passing school year, more and more families in North America … indeed, in many countries around the world … are electing home schooling for their children. There are some definite benefits and specific drawbacks to choosing home schooling for your children.

Turning to the positive elements of home schooling first, chief amongst them is the fact that parents have greater control over the education of their children. One of the most significant complaints frequently expressed about both public and private schools is the lack of input and control a parent has over the education of his or her child or children. While there are certain educational standards that must be met when it comes to home schooling, a parent has a significant degree of discretion over how his or her child or children will be taught.

In addition to more control over the educational process, most parents who are involved in the home schooling of their children believe that their children are obtaining a far better course of education.

In this video, Dr. Umar Johnson talks about parents who homeschool their kids in the wrong way. First, he mentions that a lot of parents don’t fill out the proper paperwork and end up being marked truant when their kids don’t show up at school.

Dr. Johnson also says that there are some ways that parents can work together in coalitions to homeschool their kids. He says that if one parent teaches their expertise, they can gather with parents who can handle other parts of the homeschool process on the days when they can’t take off of work. The video is very informative.

Dr Johnson is in the film, “Elementary Genocide,” which talks about the school-to-prison pipeline being promoted in the public school system. When black children are not being educated in the right way, many of them are headed to the penitentiary. Don’t let this happen to your child.

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6 thoughts on “Dr Umar Johnson: How to break your kids away from the public school system

  1. Chris

    I agreed with everything he said 100% in the video until he started talking about religion and I heard voodoo. Like he said there is one God… but he has a son. His name is Jesus Christ, and he is the human manifestation of God himself. He is the way, the truth, and the life. He is the one worthy of worship and it is God you are to pray to and in Jesus’s his name. Not saints, not deities, not statues. Do not let the enemy fool you though he may appear as an angel of light. It’s time for us to stop defining ourselves my physical appearances and by the continent of our ancestors, and instead find our identity in Christ and realize as spiritual beings our homeland is not of this world. It’s time we do away with bitterness from our past, present, and future concerning race. It’s time we chase after righteousness first then education, homes, cars, jobs, and finances. I could talk on and on about what I know to be true about African religions both first and second hand but the truth is that there are many imposters, false prophets, false doctrine, and bad experiences in all religions including in my own faith. Simply just beware!

    • Bryan Howell

      They used religion to enslave us not liberate us…in my opinion, religion is what’s ushering in the destruction of this world…a true connectedness between people is what’s needed and that is obtained through spiritually not through religion…


    Home schooling is a choice and one that not every parent can afford. Parents may have more control over their child’s education, but it requires a high level of responsibility. Not every parent possesses the education and skills to ensure their children can succeed with home schooling. Dr. Johnson must remember “back in the day”, only the rich were educated. Public schooling enables all children to have that opportunity. Public schooling is deteriorating because too many people have input and they have taken away the teachers/administrators ability to give consequences for inappropriate behavior. Their parents uphold them in their wrongdoings. Morals and true value for an education is gone. Quality: If a student works hard, they can learn even from the worst school system. Most parents fail to teach their children the basics necessary for kindergarten. Teachers are bombarded with new standards that require a solid foundation lacking with most students. I’d like to see how many parents will dedicate their life to 10-12 years of home schooling. When they burnout, they can return the children to the public schools. Finally, Children still need the extra-curricular activities and socialization to become a well-rounded adult.


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