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Why Did These Virginia Schools Deny Education, Seclude and Restrain Some Kids?

By: Krystle Crossman

Two Pace William County schools in Virginia are under fire after the US Department of Education found that they were restraining and secluding students that had developmental or emotional issues. They would deny them the education that they were supposed to be receiving and are now in big trouble for it. PACE East and PACE West were both investigated after a complaint was received in 2012. They found that a large majority of students were being physically restrained or locked into padded rooms.

These schools are specifically for students that have serious behavioral or emotional problems. They are allowed to physically restrain a student if they are becoming violent or aggressive, but they must notify the parents every time that they do so. The Dept of Education found that from 2012-2013 PACE East restrained 31 students a total of 154 times but did not report this to the parents as they should have. PACE West restrained 29 students a total of 59 times.

Every year the students are supposed to be evaluated to see if they need a different type of teaching style, if they need a new aid, or if they need something else to help them learn. These reviews had not been completed and the Dept of Education stated that they believe it was because of how many times they were restraining and secluding these students.

The schools responded to these findings by saying that they would look at the students that were restrained more than once and try to figure out why and how to change it for the better. The teachers are also being required to undergo training that will help them to spot students that need to be reevaluated and have things adjusted so that they can learn the same amount as everyone else.

When you hear things like this going on in public schools it makes you wonder why more parents are not home-schooling their children. A school is a place where they should be able to learn and feel safe. If they don’t have a safe environment that they can be in they will never be able to get the education that they deserve.

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