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Parents Outraged by $ex-Ed Textbook With [email protected], [email protected]

By: Krystle Crossman

Parents of students that attend classes in the Fremont Unified School District in Los Angeles are trying to have a book removed from the curriculum of the schools. They say that the material is far too adult for the 9th graders that have to learn from it. It is a book that is called Your Health Today which is a s*x education book. The reason that the parents are having such an issue with it is that it speaks about [email protected] and b0ndage which many parents feel is not appropriate for their children to hear about.

A petition was started to try and have the book removed. It has collected over 1,700 signatures so far. One person left a comment on the petition that said that the teachers that think it is okay to teach 9th grade children are perv*rts. They feel that this material has no place in a high school and should be for college-aged students instead. They wonder why it is that the students should be learning this type of stuff at such a young age.

The parents are stating that they are not trying to have s*x education removed from the programs at all but they feel that the material should be toned down. The teachers agree with what is in the book and so did the school board. They elected to have the book built into the programs in June. The school board President, Lara Calvert-York even state in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle that while the book does talk about [email protected] they feel that it is better that the kids have access to the book because if there is something that they are too embarrassed to ask their parents about. They feel that a teen will be better informed if they have access to this information in a safe place.

According to laws in California, parents must be notified of the content that is going into their children’s s*x education classes. The classes must also be medically accurate. The state of California does not mandate that s*x education be a part of the curriculum.

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