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Teacher fired for calling her students “lazy n*ggas”

By Nigel Boys

A fifty-one-year old teacher, who taught math to at-risk students at a school in Jacksonville, Florida, may be getting her job back, after she was fired from the school in February this year for allegedly insulting the children and calling them the N word.

Reportedly, Joyce Quiller, former teacher at Jean Ribault High School, received a termination letter from the school earlier this year over her alleged continual use of profanity in the classroom with the students, which had been going on since 2001.

However, a judge ruled last month that the Duval School District had not followed the union contract regulations with regards to firing Quiller, because she should have been suspended without pay first, following the three-step system of punishment.

Now the school board must make a decision as to whether they will follow the judge’s order and reinstate Quiller or uphold her dismissal. They are set put the matter to a vote this week.

According to Reginal Luster, legal consultant for Quiller, “The School Board skipped step three and went directly to termination, even though, if the allegations were true, they would have amounted to what is considered a minor offense.”

According to a former student of Quiller, she reprimanded some students for coming late to class by calling them “lazy n*****s.” Another student said that she told him “What is the point in coming to the mother f*****g class if you do not bring materials,” when he forgot his pencil.

However, Luster denies these claims and insists that Quiller did not use the N-word in class. He added that since she is a professional African-American woman, she would never refer to black people in such a derogatory manner and the reason she was dismissed is that the assistant principal at the school has a personal vendetta against her.

Although there are rumors that Quiller has since found work at another school, reportedly the Potter’s House Christian Academy in Jacksonville, according to her Facebook post, those rumors have not been confirmed or denied.

Stephanie Schaap, the teachers’ union attorney for Quiller, said that even if the school board decide to rehire her, following the judge’s recommendations, they may still find a way to fire her again following her union contract steps. She added that the board could also go against the judge’s decision for another legal reason and refuse to reinstate her.


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29 thoughts on “Teacher fired for calling her students “lazy n*ggas”

  1. Anthony Allen

    I believe the students. She should be fired. Im also a union president for a USW local . The school board screwed up. Rehire hire her go tbe steps and fire her again if the evidence supports it.

    • Marquesha Martin

      The students have absolutely nothing to gain from lying. Everybody comments here are very valid. I suggest that everyone purchase this book I’m currently reading entitled “Brainwashed: Challenging the Myth of Black Inferiority ” by Tom Burrell. This profound chapters of commentary along with historical facts gets to the root of the many challenges we face as African-Americans.

  2. madpoet429

    I support the teacher! These lazy ass ungrateful kids need to be told the truth to get their Dumb asses motivated & off the jail pipeline! These kids nowadays are disrespectful & take pride in being dumb asses vs striving to changer their lives. If she’s in a Hood School then she has to be tough in order to save some of these kids lives! What’s Politically Correct doesn’t work all the time for these bad ass kids. If she said it, then she’s only speaking in a language their Dumb asses understand! I’m 1 Blackman that’s tired of seeing our Youth act a Damn fool, look & act like fools with no respect or regard for all the ancestors who fought & died for them to get educated and these idiots don’t want to goto school! I had teachers that cursed those same type of kids back in my day & some got saved and some didn’t! Adults need to stop being assholes & realize these kids are headed straight to jail or a pine box if they don’t get some tough love & maybe this teacher is the only one giving it to them. These same kids are on YouTube shaking their asses & doing crime until the jail cell or the bullet stop them then their parents appear on the news crying the “they were a good kid” bullshit story but he was robbing somebody at 3a. Black kids need to get their asses situated b/c the real world is gonna eat them alive if their not prepared! Peace

    • Di

      You are an idiot. You sound more like a fool then the teacher. Maybe you should expand your vocabulary to something besides profanity. Do you think talking down at them and using swear words will make them want to do better? How about some positive influences and some positive talk. If they don’t perform then do what she wants the school to do for her; go through the proper procedure. Fail them, suspend them or kick them out. She can save the foul mouth talk for her own kids if she so chooses. I never used profanity around my kids and I didn’t want others do so. Also it isn’t her job to raise them. She is there to teach them the three R’s.

    • DaC

      [email protected] stupid AZz poet..

      ..and I certain ghetto indignant racist language is the way to motivate afri-american students? Using such language does the opposite.. do you think white teachers use such verbally abusive language to their lazy white trash students who come to class high as a kite daily or similar to what this afri-amer teacher is claiming? Hell naw,.. a white teacher wouldn’t do such a thing to their OWN..and for you to condone such actions?.. Speak volumes of how you see self and those who look like you..HATE, self HATE…so if you really want to have some compassion? Talk to the adults of these children..HELP raise their child better.. give these parents tools as a parent one to another.. a lot of these children come from broken homes..of hurt and abuse..and this is all they know..and have seen..

    • Billy_Ray_Valentine

      Madpoet429, your frustration is understandable however, the blame should be placed less on the children and more on their trifling parents. My profession is assisting people with their RE needs and it never fails 70% of my AA clients are 15-20 minutes late for their scheduled appointments. And, once they arrive there is no “Sorry for being late” or any explanation whatsoever, almost like it’s a given, that I should expect them to be late. So, the kids are only mimicking their lackluster behavior.

      A recent report came out that if you are born disadvantaged you’re most likely to remain that way. Originally the study consisted of 800 public school children tracked for 30 years. The findings showed 33 moved from low-income birth family to a high-income bracket by the time they neared 30. The study found that education, rather than giving kids a fighting chance at a better life, simply preserved privilege across generations. Only 4 percent of the low-income kids he met in 1982 had college degrees when he interviewed them at age 28, whereas 45 percent of the kids from higher-income backgrounds did.

      Perhaps more striking in these findings was the role of race in upward mobility. It was discovered that among men who drop out of high school, the employment differences between white and black men was truly staggering. At age 22, 89 percent of the white subjects who’d dropped of high school were working, compared with 40 percent of the black dropouts.

      These differences came despite the fact that it was the better-off white men who reported the highest rates of drug abuse and binge drinking. White men from disadvantaged families came in second in that department. White men also had high rates of encounters with the criminal justice system. At age 28, 41 percent of the white men born into low-income families had criminal convictions, compared with 49 percent of the black men from similar backgrounds, an indication that it is indeed race, not a criminal record, that’s keeping a lot of black men out of the workforce.

      In conclusion, majority of these kids that exhibit little to no home training or proper social skills are destined for a life of poverty and/or incarceration.

    • Nini

      I don’t think Madpoet429 is dumb or an idiot he’s just frustrated. I most definitely understand his frustration.

      • Perplexed

        I’m sure the teacher was frustrated also. The student and parent behavior, lack of responsibility, and lack of progress is frustrating. I’m sure changing schools is more like a reward than a punishment.

    • MOZIAH7

      u definitely an idiot @ madpoet. putting them down won’t prove anything. most of the kids acting up are doing so, because most of the time there’s no love at home. Secondly, depending upon your age. all that hard love you’re talking about hasn’t stopped blacks from selling, using drugs and going to jail(prisons) or being dead beat dads and or prostitutes or any other ailments we have against our communities. I guess the 50’s-70’s was sweet for blacks. its not the whites that has been the worst enemy of our people, its been our own kind, going back to the days of early Khemit. but bringing back to this day and age. how long will you continue to be a problem instead of a solution for our community? how long before you give up on our youth? its easy to throw in the towel and give up on them. they already feel that way. its hard work to stay in the trenches with them and fight with them and for them. tough love never did anything but support and make more angry children.half of these kids go home to abusive parents who are young themselves or elders who are ignorant and still have that slave mentality. if i was on you level, it would be so easy for me to say something negative, but for what… i’m on a way different level than you could ever hope to be on. and most of these kids don’t respect you because you don’t bring any validity to the table. instead of judging like you’re GOD Himself. try showing some CHRISTly love and this isn’t about being a Christian, because Buddha and Gandhi along with people like Mother Hale and Bro. Shabazz(Malcolm X) and did the same thing, instead of turning their backs on the problem, they took it head on; put it on their shoulders and look for answers , became the solution instead of a problem.
      people like you keep
      Willie Lynch alive. Do you coach any of these kids? do you go into their homes to find out if they need help with homework, or even bring them over to dinner? bring them to the movies? go to city hall and request to build a new park or plant some trees?
      How about if we just cut to the chase and we all just smack the $%&# out of your and your kids….tell them they’re never amount to anything, so why bother trying. and being that I forgot that you’re GOD in human form and are Omnipotent, you know what their end result will be. We all see how Malcolm X started and how he ended(changing the minds of many ) Chuck Colson started off on a positive note and ended up in prison(this was a white man) and came out of prison with a new attitude and organization, Prison Fellowship; or King David or Moses or Job.
      if you’re not part of the solution keep your negative comments and self at home and go sit in a corner, pretending that you care. we have enough of your kind in the world. peace out !!

    • Brad

      I agree with what you said , just could’ve maybe used words to apease the grown ass niggas who see those young niggas going down a road of self destruction.

    • Pessimst

      Madpoet429 has a point. I’ve worked in a school district where the kids aint $#!t becuase their parents ain’t $#!t. So the kids come into class with no writing utensils, no books, no paper. I’ve seen firsthand how that can frustrate a teach. Until these $#!tty @$$ parents do their jobs. Their children will be $#!tty as well. This society has always tried to dumb blacks down. No it seems like we are accepting it. Unless it come to buying a pairing a Jordan’s

  3. Patricia Owens

    Well if the shoe fits they probably are. She is a teacher that wasn’t called for. Just don’t say the Nword white people keep it to yourself.

  4. Aisha

    The whole system of education is totally screwed up. First, a Teacher should never use that type of language in a school, with a student, or any other faculty member. If they did not follow the steps needed to fire her then they screwed up. She might get her job back, but the parents and others students should protest and have her removed after she is reinstated. I taught school for many years, yes, the children are out of control and they will use the N word towards you, but as an adult and an educated person she is wrong.

  5. jboogie

    She certainly should have been suspended without pay. I want to know; what is “At risk Kids”? Why are black children or children of color always are referred to as being in need or at risk. That’s a very ignorant way to platform our child. Children are the future, so they need to be addressed as people wealth and look at as the foundation for our future.

  6. Nini

    Unfortunately many black students in America have consciously or subconsciously bought into the ideology that black people are intellectually inferior. Therefore, they don’t put the effort into school work that they should and many unfortunately drop out. However, schools such as the Harlem Children’s Zone and the all male school in Chicago (I can’t remember the school’s name at the moment) show that once you believe in black students and have high expectations for them they believe in them selves and their academic performance improves dramatically. High expectations and belief is what these students need not foul language.

    • Nini

      If you want to read more about what I mentioned about black students believing that they are intellectually inferior look up the concept called the stereotype threat. Oh and the school that I mentioned that’s located in Chicago is called Urban Prep Academy. This all black male school has consistently sent 100% of its graduating class to college.

  7. blacjk jones

    totally agree that some black kiids /folk have bought into this inferior stereo type——there is really few things to prove them wrong,our presence in meaninful places is left to the imagination—–even with a black POTUS—-but we have to teach our kids to look beyond what we see —-and that they should strive to do better in SPITE of “Smoke and MIRRORS” it’s our duty as parents,,,,,,,,PEACE!!!!

  8. The Queen

    She is an African American teacher and would never say that? Really, that is exactly why she would say it, because she does not see it as racist. Rehire her to do it legally because trust me, she will be herself and give them plenty opportunity to go through the three step process.

  9. Butch

    I would purchase supplies as back up with my own money, and give them to the kids. Why call them names? Especially if it were her kid being called names…

    • Perplexed

      Do you know how much money the average teacher spends on student supplies on the classroom only to be destroyed or lost by the students the same day. No she should not spend a penny of her money, nor should she use profanity and the n word. I understand the frustration entirely. Spend a week in the classroom and you will appreciate what good teachers do and go through with very few monetary rewards.

  10. Ms Monica

    This was some of the ignorant comments that I have read in a long time. No one deserves to be talked to like that………….especially small children. I just hope and pray that you don’t have kids, if you do I can imagine how you speak to them. May the Lord touch your hard heart !

    • Waltdog

      I certainly agree with you Ms. Monica…everyone has an opinion on the subject, the teacher, & the students; evidently, no one realizes that there are other forces involved here, that do alter the thinking & the behavior of all the participants in these situations each & every minute of the day…

  11. rick roll

    The only people falling for stereotypes of black inferiority are u fools commenting, the lie that black students and black parents don’t value education as much as other races has been proven to be a false axiom. We attend inferior schools, with more unqualified teachers who come in with preconceived notions of black inferiority, which is why when black kids are home schooled by people who actually care about them they out perform other black students and close the achievement gap between blacks and whites.

    • Leny

      Please educate yourself before attempting to educate others. The stereotype threat is a reality. You can’t simply dismiss concepts that have been peer reviewed and proven simply because you don’t like it. People like you are the real problem in the black community. You’re so insecure about being black that you take everything as criticism. Black people can never be criticized because it makes people like you who are already insecure about being black feel even worse about being black. That’s why people like you blame all black people’s problem on external forces and always external forces. Black people who are secure with being black understand that constructive criticism is necessary and required in order to make any sort of progress.

      All that being said, Nini’s post was anything but criticism. She (I’m assuming that you are a she Nini forgive me if I’m wrong) pointed out a reality, the stereotype threat is one of the primary reasons for the black and white achievement gap. Black students (and black people in general) internalize much of the negative stereotypes that exist about us, the whole “acting white” thing is a reflection of that. However, hypersensitive, insecure blacks such as yourself see anything as negative criticism. As Nini pointed out, when black students attend schools where teachers and the entire faculty believe in them and have high expectations for them they internalize it and begin to have high standards for themselves. These internalized high standards translate to higher academic achievement. You have the overwhelming majority of black students who are at and above grade level. Stating that black students have internalized the belief in black intellectual inferiority is hardly a criticism it is a fact. However, I’m well aware that even the most innocuous comment will unleash the hypersensitive negro brigade. Also, Rick Roll please show me the data about black home schooled students if you don’t mind.

  12. Veritas

    While her comments are indeed sad and discouraging, none of us can actually be naive not to see an adult who has been pushed to such an edge that she/he laments that enough is enough? Our Black youths have very little to no guidance and when you have that the manifestations are evident in our schools. What makes a fifteen year old language so insensitive that it rivals that of a drunken sailor? What makes us afraid of our own youths? Why are we so jaded that we often ignore a lot of these incidents in schools because there are COUNTLESS of them. All of us could probably recall within the last week when we encountered a group of OUR CHILDREN probably walking somewhere behaving in a manner that made us shake our heads. The solutions?

    1. Some of our schools are disgraceful but it’s up TO US to fix them. Volunteer, teach, lead, but don’t sit on the sidelines talking about these children like they are not yours too. Btw, I am a school administrator.

    2. Parents are just as lost so we have to welcome them into our world and MODEL for them what needs to be done. Family, you will be surprised how many parents don’t even know that obtaining a library card for their scholars mitigate a lot of drama.

    3. WE NEED TO HIT THE STREETS AND DECLARE NO MORE!! Ignorance is accepted by us all. A view of “Love and Hip Hop” and other sad reality shows reflect what America thinks of us. To exacerbate the situation it’s us destroying US. Of course you know who the puppeteers are, and we don’t even know that we are destroying the psyche of a young Black nation. Our children believe that’s the behavior that will get them somewhere but we all know these anti social behaviors usually result in two places: THE JAIL OR THE GRAVE

    4. Spots and rap are not our only saving grace. We can do better, because there’s something to be said when the majority of our Black youths in the “hood”want to either rap or play sports. Why not work to play sports AND own a team eventually? Why not study architecture and build sports stadiums? Go to law school and be a sports agent? There has to be a counter narrative but either we are too naive or afraid of challenging these so called Black people that are poisoning our youths! When will we all say enough is enough? Why do we endorse some Black rap artists that call us offensive names, but we want blood when a white person says an offensive term? (I.e. Imus).

    5. We have to realize that issues of race IS a pimping game and many so called Black leaders have realized this. So we can’t be up in arms when certain ALLEGED race issues occur. Many of our Black leaders want this hype to continue so they run around stirring the fire BEFORE ALL the facts come out ((I.e the Duke lacrosse case). Race is an emotional journey and if you are not careful people will abuse it, don’t be fooled to believe that just because someone looks like you s/he is FOR you. Wake up family, the issues of our grandparents are not the same issues that we face today. Don’t allow some Black leaders to fool you by their charm and oratorical skills. They are empty suits.

    This is bigger than the teacher’s comments. It’s a societal and systemic ill that only WE as a people must deal with from several angles. My solutions are non exhaustive but we have to start somewhere Family. The truth is an offense but not a sin. Many recall Bill Cosby’s speech where he was attacked by many of these leaders who did not like someone messing with their money. So you see Family we are the only ones that could set each other free, the trick is how do we free each other when many of us are still mentally enslaved? In the words of James Baldwin, “the fire next time.”

  13. Tyson

    The fact that the teacher is African-American is crucial to the story. That fact was buried at the end. Not good. She was speaking to them as another black person. I, too, had loving black teachers who checked our butts when we needed it. Despite the sometimes harsh language, we knew they cared. Never was I called the n-word by a teacher. However, I was called the n-word by racist white classmates during the 70s. I am now a teacher myself. You would have to be in the trenches as a teacher to understand this woman’s utter disgust with some of our kids in school. She probably went too far, but teaching can be a “nasty” job. Black ghetto parents need to step up to the plate and parent. If you ever visited some of these homes the kids live in you’d understand. We all can do more to help the lower-class. Volunteer. Donate your time. Professionals and blue-collar people can come into schools and be apart of their show-and-tell, etc. We can all do more! And retired teachers hardly ever go back to volunteer. That should tell you something!! It takes a village…


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