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Teen Makes Threats of School Shooting Using Instagram

By: Krystle Crossman

Any threats that are made about shootings or violence against a group of people are taken very seriously as one 15 year old in Santa Clarita found out. He posted an Instagram photo of a table full of guns with the words, “To the people who live in the SCV area, there will be a huge (expletive) shooting soon and a lot of you (expletive) are going to die.”

The teenager was arrested after someone brought the photo to the attention of the authorities. They stated that he was just trying to get a rise out of his friends and never actually intended to do anything, but they still wanted to take the situation very seriously. Joking about violence, especially mass shootings, is no laughing matter and will put you in a world of trouble as the teen quickly found out. This wasn’t the only concerning post that he had made either. There were multiple posts that contained racial slurs, expletives, violent language, and threats towards students.

The authorities have deactivated the teen’s Instagram account and stated that they were thankful that there were no weapons found in the home or there may have been charges pending until the investigation was through. They have also put more of a police presence in the schools. They want to ensure the safety of the students even though it was just a hoax. They want to make sure that the parents sending their children to the schools are reassured that nothing will happen and that they are all safe. The teen stated that he was very sorry that he posted what he did and was never going to hurt anyone. He is still in custody and is being brought up on criminal threatening charges.

There are have been too many school shootings in the last decade that authorities really can’t take the chance on ignoring something like that even if it seems like it is a prank. The pain and loss that comes from a mass shooting is nothing to joke about and why someone would do such a thing to get a rise out of their friends is beyond most people’s understanding.

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