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These Superstars Are Among The Youngest Black People To Graduate From College

By: Krystle Crossman

When you think of someone who is in college you probably think of a person that is in their late teens and early 20s. The Root has compiled a list of eight exceptional students who are among the youngest to graduate from college. Their ages will surprise you but with their level of intellect it is no wonder they are moving through life so quickly!

1. At the age of 14, Thessalonika Arzu-Embry graduated from Chicago State University in 2013. She majored in psychology and began her college career at the age of 11. She hopes to continue on to get a graduate degree in the field.

2. Cortlan Wickliff is in his early 20s, 22 to be exact, but he still made this list due to the fact that he was the second youngest black male to graduate from Harvard University Law School. He started college at the age of 14 at the University of North Texas. From there he moved on to Rice University. He plans on continuing his education at Texas A&M University where he hopes to get a PhD in engineering.

3. Anne-Marie Imafidon began college at Oxford University at the age of 15. She graduated and then finished her master’s degree at the age of 20. She became the youngest person to obtain a master’s degree in Oxford University’s history. She has since gone on to join STEMettes which is a group that helps women to develop in the science and technology fields.

4. Polite Stewart Jr. graduated at the age of 18 with a physics degree. He is the youngest in history to graduate from A&M College and Southern University.

5. Ola Orekunrin obtained her medical degree by the age of 21. She was stricken with grief over the death of her sister and that made her throw everything that she had into medicine. She went to Nigeria where she founded the first air-operated medical services in the country.

6. Brittney Exline was the youngest African-American ever to be admitted to an Ivy League school. She was accepted into the University of Pennsylvania at the age of 15.

7. James Martin started college at the age of 14. He studied molecular biology and graduated at the age of 17 from Florida Atlantic University. He now works at Princeton and hopes to obtain a graduate degree.

8. Gabrielle Turnquest has made history twice. She was the youngest graduate of Liberty University at the age of 16. Then at age 18 she was the youngest person to pass the U.K. bar exam. She has most recently graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design & Marketing and plans to become a fashion-law specialist.

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