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ACT Scores For Black Kids Are Extremely Troubling

By: Krystle Crossman

For the first time in history it is projected that this upcoming school year will be made up with a majority of the student body being minority students. Unfortunately this is bringing to light some discouraging statistics about the educational system that the students are coming into as ACT scores are revealed. There is a definite gap between minorities and their white counterparts. It is apparent that the minority students are not getting the same level of education across the board and they are the ones who are suffering for it.

Of all of the ACT tests that were taken by high school students in 2013 only 39% showed that they were ready for college. Of that group 49% where white students. Hispanic student fell in at 18% and black students fell in at 11%. Duke University’s associate vice provost for undergraduate education Lee Baker states that the schools are funded by the tax payers which puts students who come from affluent neighborhoods in a better position in school as they get more funding and get the teachers and materials that are needed to effectively teach the students.

ACT president Jon Erikson states that even though they had the most diverse group taking the test ever it still showed that there is some serious work that needs to be done when it comes to educating minority students in the way they deserve. The test is broken into four different achievement points; English, math, science, and reading. The largest gap that was found was in English. Only 34% of black students met the benchmark requirements for this achievement while 76% of white students made it.

One of the more interesting points about the test is that the scores may not be accurately reflecting the education that the students are receiving. They may be higher than what the actual performance values in schools are as the students that usually take this test are ones that are planning on being college-bound. In 2014 57% of students that were graduating took the test. Some contest the test as it is much like the SAT where it is not really a true measurement of how much you have learned and how well you will do in college. Many people are fearful of tests and know the required information but are nervous while taking the test.

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