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How Home-schoolers Make Their Days Harder Than They Need To Be

By: Krystle Crossman

Home-schooling may not necessarily be fun all of the time, but there are things that you may be doing to make it harder than it really needs to be. Here are 10 things that blogger Jamie Martin says you may be doing to make home-schooling more difficult:

1. Don’t force yourself or your kids to read a book that no one is interested in just because it is popular. If they want to read it on their own they will but to make the day more enjoyable and to help them really get something out of it, read something that you will all enjoy.

2. You are going to burn yourself out if you insist on doing everything in the house. Your kids can help with the cleaning and with every day chores. Take some of the burden off of yourself.

3. Check out the weather. If it is going to be a nice day out, plan some lessons outside. Get some fresh air and some sun. Being cooped up inside while staring at the beautiful weather won’t do anyone any good.

4. Stop thinking about what you are afraid of that may or may not be in the future. Look at what is in front of you today and teach your children the way that you want without being afraid of something that may never happen.

5. Don’t push your kids too hard. If they don’t absolutely need to know certain information just yet, focus instead on things that they like to learn about.

6. Get rid of some of your old junk. It is hard to devote time to learning when you have so much stuff in the house to take care of. Sort through it, throw some away, and donate some stuff.

7. Home-schooling should not take over your entire life. Remember that you have priorities and dreams too.

8. Stop comparing things. You are going to drive yourself crazy if you keep comparing the education you are giving your children as opposed to the education that another home-school mother is giving her children. Don’t compare the progress of siblings.

9. Forget about grade levels. Those do not apply with home-schooling. Kids learn at different paces so if your child is reading at a fourth grade level when he is at the age where he would be in second grade, let him. Don’t hold your child back or push them farther than they need to go just because traditional grade levels dictate that is what they should be learning.

10. Look at the big picture and think about what is most important with home-schooling. If you keep thinking about what is most important to others instead of what is most important to the education of your children at home, you are making things more difficult.

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