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6th Grade Teacher Suspended After Making Students Re-Enact Mike Brown Shooting

By: Krystle Crossman

A Selma, Alabama has been suspended following an incident in her classroom where she allegedly had her students reenact the Michael Brown shooting incident that happened in Ferguson, Missouri. A parent of one of the students posted on Facebook that her son had been forced to act out the incident in the classroom and that the teacher made the students who were white play the role of the police officers.

Brown had been spending the summer in Ferguson with his grandmother when the incident occurred. There have been multiple accounts of what exactly happened on August 9th and all of them are different. Some witnesses say that the police officer was screaming at Brown to get back on the sidewalk because he was walking in the middle of the road. The say that there was a physical altercation with Brown while the officer was still in the car and the when Brown was trying to surrender he was shot. Other accounts state that Brown was running at the police officer. The police officer claims self-defense. There had been a strong-armed robbery that had taken place earlier in the day that Brown had been a part of. His friend Dorian Johnson who was with him at the time of the shooting admitted that he was a part of the robbery with Brown as well.

The teacher asked her students to research the shooting incident including how many times he was shot before they reenacted it. Superintendent Don Wilingham states that what happened in the classroom is being greatly exaggerated. He said that the subject came up in the classroom and the teacher had them act out a skit in order to punctuate the discussion about it. The mother that posted about it on social media stated that it is not something that should be reenacted in a school, especially to kids as young as sixth graders. She fears that some child will go home and reenact things like this with a loose gun that they find in their house and accidentally kill or injure someone.

The teacher has been placed on paid administrative leave until the investigation is complete. Wilingham is conducting interviews with every child that was in the classroom to get a clear picture of what happened.

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One thought on “6th Grade Teacher Suspended After Making Students Re-Enact Mike Brown Shooting

  1. Debo

    What a sad course of events that this stupid adult couldn’t verbally explain current events, she chose to direct children to re-enact. Suspension without pay is far more appropriate.


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