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Teacher Not Fired After Threatening To “stab some kids”

By: Krystle Crossman

Social media is a tricky tool. It can reconnect you with friends and family, it can help you to run your business, and it is a great way to share what is going on in your life. It is also a great way to kill your career. Many people do not think before they type and end up saying something that could ruin their reputation or even have them fired. One teacher at Newark Memorial High School in the Bay Area, CA has kept her job even though parents have been trying to have her fired for a post that she made on Twitter.

Just before the previous school year was done, Krista Hodges decided that it would be a good idea to make a post on Twitter that said “I already want to stab some kids. Is that bad? 19 more days”. Parents were outraged when nothing was done about the tweet. Hodges was not only allowed to keep her job for the previous year without punishment but was also allowed to come back at the start of this school year. She reportedly apologized for what she said and told people that she was joking but it doesn’t take back the words that had already been said. After receiving so much backlash online she deleted her Twitter account.

What outraged the parents the most was that this was not her only tweet. She also had some tweets where she referenced her “itchy trigger finger” and stated that she wanted to dump hot coffee on some of the students. The only thing that happened to Hodges was a written reprimand from the school. Parents are not thrilled that she is still teaching this year and are starting a campaign to have her fired. One parent stated that her son was expelled when he was a freshman for saying something to a teacher and yet she was able to express several violent thoughts, joking or not, and have no punishment from it at all.

Some of Hodges’ students are standing behind Hodges stating that the posts were blown way out of proportion and that people just need to vent sometimes. They said that she is a great teacher. The Newark Police Department is still investigating the matter.

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5 thoughts on “Teacher Not Fired After Threatening To “stab some kids”


    She shouldn’t be fired. You know how many times I said I wanted to choke and beat and lock my kids and any kid I may be watching in the closet. And I’d threaten them with it, too. And before y’all dial CPS, my oldest daughter is in college now and my youngest ain’t too far behind. Kids just get on your nerves some times. But I love them all and everyone I come in contact with will tell you that they could call me anytime if they needed anything.

    • Lauren Grant

      If student arent allowed to make violent threats like that, then why is a teacher, who is suppose to watch and protect these kids when theyre away from home, allowed too. I work with kids too and they work my nerves but youll never hear me say OUT LOUD im gonna stab and shoot these kids. Wheres your common sense. Its okay to think it but to say it out loud is just stupid.

  2. karen baylis

    Children are usually a good judge of character when it comes to teachers, so if there were students that defended her, rather than go along with those who didn’t, she may not be dangerous…just foolish. I agree with “upsetting” I too have threatened my children in a fit of anger, and then it passed…oh and my kids are still alive. Apparently she tweeted this stuff where others could see it, not much of a master plan if she intended on taking any of them out. I think that a reprimand and a letter in her file is sufficient.

    • Lauren Grant

      Thats not the point. The point is she made a threatening comment. If this were a kid he/she would have been expelled, even though it was a joke. As a teacher she should have had a lot more sense than to type it. She should be fired just for being stupid. Smh


    Lauren, I understand your point. She was ignorant for posting that in this day and age. The powers that be dont have time to figure out who’s joking or who’s not.


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