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How To Make Back To School Fun For Home-schoolers

By: Krystle Crossman

It is finally that time of year. The leaves are beginning to change, the weather is getting cooler, and the kids are off to school for another year. If you home-school your children it may be difficult to think of some ideas to get the year started off on the right foot so here are some ideas grouped into age levels:

Elementary-age children:

1. Start a scrapbook or memory book. This way your child can add something to it either every day or every week and then later on down the road they will have something to look back on fondly.

2. Name your home-school. Give your “school” a name and let your child pick. You can even make up school IDs for them so that they can carry it around. Have them think of a mascot and draw some pictures of that mascot to hang around the workspace.

3. Throw a party! Invite some of their friends that go to public school or other home-school children. Nothing too elaborate is necessary, just some snacks, games, and maybe a few prizes.

4. Scavenger hunts are always fun. You can hide their school supplies around the home and send them on a scavenger hunt to collect all of their supplies.

Older children:

1. Take a field trip. Don’t start the first day with lessons. Pack up the kids, a picnic, and take them somewhere that is educational but still fun. Let them choose the location so that they feel included and so that they can go somewhere that they actually want to go to.

2. Make a t-shirt. Have your child go with you to a local craft store to pick out a solid color t-shirt and then items to design with such as puff paint and iron-on decals. Have them make up a school shirt with their name on the back.

3. Take them shopping for a back-to-school outfit. They may not necessarily need a new outfit but it may make them feel more included with their friends who go to public school and get to buy new outfits.

4. Personalize their workspace. If you have one child that you teach, have them pick out a desk and everything to go on it such as photos, lamps, and organizers. If you have more than one child have them pick out a few items and a tote so that they can put all of the stuff away when school is done for the day.

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