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Not Even One Single Black Student Passed State Tests Across 90 City Schools In New York

By: Krystle Crossman

New York City public schools are having a hard time living up to the state standards. A new study showed that not a single black student had passed the math and reading exams that are required by the state. Not a single Hispanic student was found to have been able to pass the tests either. This new revelation shows yet again that there is a tremendous gap with the different races and the education that they receive.

Jeremiah Kittredge is the CEO for Families for Excellent Schools. He says that these results should be enough to kick the education system into gear to take action. They are shocking results and a clear red flag that shows that something really needs to be done in order to help the minority youth become successful in school and after school. The scores did improve from the 2013 scores with the minority students but it was not enough. Asian students significantly improved from last year as well but they have never been in the lower gap with the other minority students.

The survey looked at 31 different schools in NYC and found that out of the 1,065 black students that took the state required math test not a single one was able to pass it. They also found that none of the 613 Hispanic students in 28 schools were able to pass either. Through the entire city 23.2% of the Hispanic students and 18.5% of black students were proficient with the math tests. The reading test scores were similar and showed how much of a gap there is.

The schools that were looked at were a mix. They had some schools that were high performing public schools that didn’t have many Hispanic or black students that were enrolled. Then there were many different public schools that were under-performing schools to start with. These schools have trouble year after year passing any of the students that they have in their classes no matter what their race is. The spokesperson for the Education Department in New York City said that they are taking these results very seriously and want all of the schools to do well no matter what area they are in and what races are enrolled.

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29 thoughts on “Not Even One Single Black Student Passed State Tests Across 90 City Schools In New York

  1. e

    Please take this article down. It is completely inaccurate. First of all, the photo that is used in the article is of a charter school that performed very well. It is very disrespectful to those students, to use that photo to say something so negative and inaccurate about Black and Latino students. Secondly, I personally know Black and Latino students in NYC public schools who passed. Thirdly, the title says that out of 90 schools not a single Black student passed, but then in the article is says that they only surveyed 31 schools (and those numbers are probably inaccurate as well). Please don’t disrespect our Black and Latino students like this. These students worked hard and deserve accurate statistics. Krystle Crossman you need to apologize for writing this inaccurate article.

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  3. godfather05

    Fire the governor, school board and most of the teachers in the schools. The governor doesn’t give a damn and the school board members and teachers are there for a pay check.

    • K

      Don’t you dare. I am a teacher in NYC and I am at work from 7am to 4:30 some days when I only get paid for 8-2:20. Staying after school to help kids study, staying with them at lunch time to help them with personal home issues since a lot of them come with sadness, and bringing in sandwiches for field trips are SOME of the extra things I’ve done for these kids. Don’t you dare say it’s our fault.,PARENTS need to get involved which IS SLACKING.

      • jess2248

        Parents are the first and best teachers!! When they don’t get involved, the student always suffers!! You are exactly right “K”. My girls have class at home during the summer, strengthening their math and reading comprehension skills! I had one who missed A, B Honor roll by 2 points, and one who missed distinguished scholar by 2 points. I keep working with them even harder!!

      • Theresa

        K May you are right. People needs to quit blaming the teachers all of the time. I’m not a teacher but I am a parent. Parent’s needs to get more involved in their children’s daily lives. We are their first teacher’s. A lot of households are so messed up until the child brings all of that aggression to school and be disruptive. I am blessed that my husband and I raised two daughters in a home where they can talk to us about anything. We have never had any complaints in school about our children being disruptive in school. There are some teachers who are there just for the paycheck but, there are teachers who really care about the students they are teaching. So don’t blame the teacher’s it’s not fair.

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  5. BigMO

    Forced integration does NOT work!.

    Black males are non-occupational ranking males i.e. they cannot stratify their group by occupational titles, which means no industries, no tax base. So the black man MUST feed off of – like a baby to hos mommy’s nipple – the white tax base.

    Blacks MUST have a homeland in America…and then be FORCED to go there. Best for both races

    • Billy_Ray_Valentine

      BigMo, your ignorance is profound. There are many instances where BM & BW have developed infrastructure specifically designed to meet the needs of Black people, only to be destroyed by racist mutations.

  6. Toni

    We had several and you burned them out because of jealousy. Remember Tulsa Oklahoma. So that nipple you speak of is actually a Black one and its you white boy who has been sucking for a long time. From Africa to America. You have sucked to feed your greedy bellies.

  7. Lamar

    Why do you keep saying black and latino students, instead of saying just black? Latinos do not even think to include blacks in ANY of their endeavors for their own empowerment unless It is to use us the get something they want. And them when the dominant white society acknowledges them, they’re quick to kick us in the face. Thus this being a website dedicated to BLACK homeschoolers I would suggest you not insult BLACK students by lumping them in with and teaching them it’s ok to, integrate with people who want nothing to do with them. Black people must SOLELY work in the interests and well being of black people.

  8. Nzingha Shabaka

    Since Common Core, and now PARCC in my state, testing scores will contiue to go down for some time to come. Black students were doing bad in the old curriculum/lessons, then they bring in a whole new curriculum/lessons math, ELA, that is all together different and harder, if they couldn’t get it when the lessons were easier, how do they think they are going to get it, if it is harder. These so called educators, failed to use critical thinking. If students could have been taught and learned the old curriculum, they would have been just fine, they didn’t teach what they had already, especially blacks student’s teachers. America has been dumbed down, we see why, the educators are not educating. I know what is happening, I am a home schooler, I know what they had at my grand child’s school.

  9. kyndlesmom

    You must watch what you say if you really don’t have a clue about test results. Please do your research first.

  10. Nell

    Please report accurately and not sensationalize or ignore facts. Your headline attempts to imply not one black student passed the tests which is not correct. Apparently, 18.5% of the black students did so. While this is not a large number to get excited about, it does tone down the rhetoric. Also, it would be helpful to know what percentage of the other white and Asian groups passed. Complete information is needed to solve problems.

  11. Minister Terry Lewis

    I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with Krystle Crossman regarding the schools that she cited in this article. I am an educator who has a solution to this problem. Please advise.

  12. Minister Terry Lewis

    I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with Krystle Crossman, author of this article. I am an educator who has a solution to this problem.

  13. Truth

    I am almost t certain these stats are inaccurate. The internet is becoming less credible by the day…smh

  14. Kiyah

    Why this is a huge lie. Not only does this not count all of the catholic and christian schools who take the state test and score exceptionally well. Or the black students in the gifted & talented programs who would not retain their spots in those schools. But the schools in queens are pretty decent and the majority of their students pass. I can not speak of other public schools as i don’t know the stat. Something you should do not make up statistics.

  15. jess2248

    Krystle Crossman…..where are your sources listed??? What type of journalism is this, where you do not have to list your sources of information you are passing off as truth? Or is this just a blog, and we can just chalk it up to your opinion?

  16. Simone van der Wijngaard

    You’re a fucking rubbish reporter and writer. This needs to be taken down immediately, corrected and republished with a sincere apology to the many people and parties you’ve insulted today with your stupidity and laziness.

  17. NYMOM

    This is nonsense. Notice that there are no citations or links to prove this ridiculous claim. Shame on you for posting this lie.

  18. Akua Netert

    I agree with those who see this as completely incorrect. Take it down your doing more damage then help. Posting an un-researched article does not help push more people into homeschooling.


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